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The project of laser efficient cleaning technology and equipment for large and complex components has passed the demonstration. Recently, the implementation scheme of the special "laser efficient cleaning technology and equipment for large and complex components" project for additive manufacturing and laser manufacturing of 2017 national key R & D plan led by Harbin Institute of technology passed the demonstration, marking the official launch of the project and entering the implementation stage

in June this year, the high technology center of the Ministry of science and technology announced the review results of 2017 national key R & D plans. The project of "laser efficient cleaning technology and equipment for large and complex components", with Professor Guobin as the chief expert, was selected into the special project of "additive manufacturing and laser manufacturing" in the 2017 national key R & D plan, with a total fund of nearly 30million yuan. The project is led by our university, which integrates the relevant scientific researchers of four first-class disciplines of materials, machinery, optics (gbt4156) (1) 984 metal cupping test method (thickness: 0.2~2mm) and chemistry, and cooperates with Shanghai Linshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Institute of technology Welding Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin xinzhida automation complete equipment Co., Ltd., CRRC Changchun rail car Co., Ltd Dalian shipbuilding industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing Power Machinery Research Institute and other 9 domestic advantageous units jointly applied. The load calculation and loading projects are mainly aimed at solving the green and efficient cleaning technology problems of large-scale complex components in the fields of national aerospace, high-speed rail, marine and nuclear power industries, which is of great significance for maintaining China's progressiveness in the frontier science and technology in the field of laser manufacturing, accelerating the revitalization and development of the northeast old industrial base, and promoting the interdisciplinary and integrated development of our university

at the demonstration meeting, the expert group listened to the project implementation plan and the report on the specific implementation plans of the four topics made by Vice President Guobin, and demonstrated the technical route, research progress and node arrangement, research results and assessment indicators, organization and management, fund arrangement, etc. in the process of project implementation. The expert group believes that the implementation plan of the project is highly feasible, the technical route is advanced, the division of tasks is clear, and the research progress and time arrangement are reasonable. It is unanimously agreed to demonstrate the project implementation plan

in the past two years, Professor Zhuxiao, group leader of the experts, director of the National Engineering Research Center for laser processing of Huazhong University of science and technology, director Chenzhili and Dr. Dingying of the special management office of the high technology center of the Ministry of science and technology, relevant experts, representatives of participating units and heads of relevant departments of our university attended the meeting

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