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Low permeability oil and gas + scientific and technological breakthrough = efficient development

-- Research Notes of the national major scientific and technological project "drilling technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields"

, There are also old experts in related fields

over the past two years, they have carried out 17 special technical research, 62 special technical research, introduced, supported and independently developed 16 new tools and instruments, developed and introduced 8 sets of indoor test devices, developed 5 sets of new drilling and completion fluid systems, and carried out field tests and applications of new tools, new products and new technologies for 107 well times, focusing on 6 topics of efficient development of drilling technology in low permeability oil and gas fields, In the course of the study, 7422 groups (Times) of indoor experiments were carried out

the national science and technology major special project "drilling technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields" gave a beautiful answer in the closing year of the eleventh five year plan

According to the China News Agency, Jinan, May 4, Shengli Oilfield, China's second largest oilfield, has actively researched and developed low-permeability reservoir development technology and made important progress and major technological breakthroughs to ensure the sustainable and stable production of the oilfield

it is reported that Shengli Oilfield has planned the development of low permeability reservoirs relying on this new technical support. According to this plan, from 2012 to 2014, Shengli Oilfield will increase the adjustment of old areas for low-permeability reservoirs, and maintain 170 new wells every year; The new area will strengthen reserve evaluation, input 30million to 35million tons of reserves and build 340000 tons of new capacity. On this basis, the production of low permeability reservoirs will continue to rise steadily, reaching more than 4.5 million tons by 2015

it is reported that among the developed reserves in Shengli Oilfield, the average recovery factor is 28%, while that in low-permeability reservoirs is only 18%, and there is at least 10% room for improvement from the average level in terms of recovery factor. According to the newly increased proved reserves every year, the proportion of low-permeability reservoirs is increasing. The report points out that the effective development of low permeability reservoirs must be solved in order to maintain stable production in Shengli Oilfield

It is an indisputable fact that the background low permeability reservoir has become an important reservoir increasing position in Shengli Oilfield. Since the Eighth Five Year Plan period, the new proved reserves have been around 20million tons every year. Especially during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the average annual proved reserves were 52.5 million tons, accounting for half of the proved reserves in that year. By the end of 2009, the proved reserves of low permeability reservoirs in Shengli Oilfield had reached 944million tons

however, due to the tight reservoir, the low permeability reservoir is often "unable to inject water and produce oil", which is an international problem perplexing the petroleum industry. In addition, the low-permeability reservoirs in Shengli Oilfield are deeply buried, with low reserves abundance and high formation pressure, which paves the way for more difficulties in tackling key problems of low-permeability reservoirs in Shengli Oilfield

starting with basic research on percolation mechanism, in-situ stress field and fracture distribution law, Shengli people have gradually overcome supporting technologies such as well spacing optimization, overall fracturing transformation and reservoir protection. In particular, the low-permeability transformation technology is becoming more and more mature, from single well transformation technology optimization to block overall fracturing development, from a single guanidine gum fracturing fluid system to a variety of low damage transformation working fluids, It ensures the effective production of various complex low permeability reservoirs

since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the low-permeability reservoir has increased its production reserves by 100million tons, and the output of low-permeability reservoir has increased year by year. In 2009, the annual oil output reached 3.86 million tons

important breakthrough in technology research

recently, the national major scientific and technological project - Drilling Technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields passed the stage inspection organized by the National Energy Administration in Beijing, and was highly praised by experts from the engineering technology team

over the past two years, the project researchers have made efforts to carry out 107 field tests, made 6 major technological advances, achieved 14 major technological breakthroughs, including the drilling and completion technology of high-level branch wells, the design of horizontal wells and staged fracturing horizontal wells, and the productivity prediction technology of low-permeability oil and gas reservoirs, and developed high-temperature and high-pressure MWD measuring instruments, special-shaped extended tooth PDC bit series products 13 series of equipment and products, including the supporting equipment for the whole process underbalanced drilling, have obtained 6 utility model patents, applied for 14 invention patents, and created 2 new domestic petroleum engineering records, 5 new Sinopec petroleum engineering records, and 8 new block records

this time, the National Energy Administration organized a group inspection on the achievements of major national science and technology special projects and demonstration projects. Among them, the engineering technology group was responsible for reviewing the project because these high molecular chains were naturally curled in the toothpaste tube. Academician Luo pingya is the leader of the expert group. Experts from PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and some petroleum universities are members of the expert group. The participating experts spoke highly of the completion and achievements of the project, and put forward suggestions for the follow-up study of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the project. After the successful completion of the project, it will provide engineering and technical support for the efficient development of low-permeability oil and gas fields in China, which is of great significance for further improving the development of low-permeability oil and gas fields and difficult to produce reserves, and ensuring national energy security

background the drilling technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields is a research project to carry out drilling design, drilling technology, reservoir protection, well completion technology and other drilling supporting technologies according to the characteristics of low permeability oil and gas reservoirs. Its ultimate goal is to improve the development efficiency of low permeability oil and gas fields

since its implementation, through careful organization and technical breakthrough, the project has been operated according to the contract plan. In terms of the research on the high-efficiency development and drilling optimization technology of low-permeability oil and gas fields, the drilling supporting technology of complex structure wells, the drilling technology of maximizing the effective footage of reservoirs, the reservoir protection technology of low-permeability oil and gas fields, the key technology of high-efficiency drilling in special complex formations of low-permeability gas reservoirs and the key technology of well completion of low-permeability oil and gas fields, Have made a series of remarkable progress and breakthroughs. At present, 42 relevant academic papers have been published, 6 utility model patents have been obtained, and 10 invention patents have been applied for

significant results obtained from field tests

107 field tests carried out by the national major science and technology special project "drilling technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields" have reflected the significant effect of advanced technology in promoting oil production:

-- Shengli low permeability oil field test block: Shengli oil field has implemented 12 well times of horizontal well development in more than 10 low permeability blocks such as fan147 block and liang8 block, and the maximum single well capacity has reached 35 tons/day of stable oil production, The peak production reached 108 tons/day, which was 5-7 times that of the vertical wells in the same period. Among them, four fracturing horizontal wells and one conventional horizontal well were implemented in fan147 and other blocks with permeability lower than 30md, which was 2-5 times that of the vertical wells. It explored a new high-efficiency development idea for the difficult to produce reserves in low permeability blocks of Shengli Oilfield

-- West Sichuan low permeability gas reservoir test block: West Sichuan gas field has successfully implemented staged fracturing of 8 horizontal wells in the middle and shallow low permeability and difficult to produce reserves, with an average productivity of 2.2 times that of the adjacent vertical wells. It has made a landmark breakthrough in the first deep horizontal well in West Sichuan, new h, and achieved a significant effect of 2224700 m3/day. Meanwhile, in 2009, the average drilling cycle of deep wells in Western Sichuan was shortened by 75 days, the average ROP increased by 0.11 M/h, and created 10 new records for deep well drilling in Western Sichuan, accelerating the pace of deep exploration and development in Western Sichuan

-- Daniudi low permeability gas reservoir test block: 15 horizontal wells were implemented by using the whole process underbalance and new drilling and completion fluid technology, with an average single well production of 15000 m3/D. the natural production capacity was established in HE1 reservoir for the first time, ending Daniudi's history of "taking reservoir reconstruction as the only means of production and construction" for many years, and overcoming the technical bottleneck of natural production, It shows a good prospect for the liberation of 2/3 of the undeveloped low-grade reserves in the gas field

background on october18,2009, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, paid a personal visit to Shengli Oilfield and fully affirmed the major achievements made by Shengli Oilfield in exploration and development. The general secretary pointed out that the 48 years of Shengli Oilfield have not been easy. The geological conditions of the oilfield are very complex. You have met the difficulties, strengthened scientific research, made breakthroughs in oil exploration and development technology, and ensured the stable and high yield of Shengli Oilfield. In the future, in the face of complex oil and gas reservoirs and geological bodies, we should also respect talents, rely on science and technology, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, constantly climb the peak of oil exploration and development, and ensure the stable and high yield of Shengli Oilfield. This is a commendation for the scientific and technological innovation of Shengli Oilfield and the petroleum science and technology front. The field test results of the national major scientific and technological project "drilling technology for efficient development of low permeability oil and gas fields and then connecting the power line" are also vivid footnotes to the speech of the general secretary

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