One week ex factory quotation of Maoming Petrochem

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One week's ex factory quotation of Maoming Petrochemical

the sales of Maoming Petrochemical this week was stable, and the ex factory quotation was slightly reduced in general

ldpe ex factory price is 7000 yuan, 10 lower than last week. Zhejiang Guotai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is 0 yuan to ease the sales pressure. The quotation of PP pull grade and injection grade T30S is 5600 yuan, which is expected to enter the East Guangdong market and compete with Fujian Refining and ocean going goods. The factory price of LLDPE 7042 was stable at 6500 yuan. For others, such as PP special materials and HD, otherwise the operation of the fixture may exceed the service limit of the travel and cause damage to the equipment. Pe2010 is temporarily out of stock

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