One week dynamics of isoxylene Asian market

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One week's dynamics of isoxylene Asian market

energy bearish, and the PX market downturn was derived from the measures taken by various manufacturers to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices. In the first half of October, the regional supply was intensified, and there were few spot goods. The sharp drop in energy has prompted people to leave. Many market participants left for the Monaco industry conference. In terms of devices, India mangrove refinery and petrochemicals announced that they would purchase 680million packages of 240000 T/a MX during the "double 11" in 2015, and ship them from new mangrove in September and October. The start-up of heterogeneous MX of Nippon solar oil increased, which was previously closed due to a small fire. Daqing Petrochemical started the recovery part in Helong river. The downstream devices of the cracking unit include BTX, with a capacity of 105000 tons/year and 60 days of maintenance. The refinery of the company was shut down in the same period. The 60 day shutdown means that 32877 tons of PX will be produced less

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