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Medium term in Beijing: domestic positive expectations pushed Shanghai fuel oil to demonstrate a trend of resistance to decline. On July 8, the main futures contracts of Shanghai fuel oil opened low and went high, closing up slightly. The position of the main fu0809 contract increased by 938 to 42856. The turnover increased slightly compared with the previous trading day to 122540. The contract opened at 5399 yuan today and closed at 5470 yuan, up 21 yuan from the settlement price on July 7. Fu0810 contract positions increased by 164 to 7666. The contract opened at 5419 yuan and closed at 5503 yuan, up 12 yuan from the settlement price on July 7. Daily trading volume is 11920 hands

on July 7, NYMEX crude oil futures closed down, and the rise of the US dollar made the market decline in the volatile trading. Traders locked in profits at the record high of more than $145 a barrel set by crude oil prices last Thursday. The settlement price of NYMEX August crude oil futures fell by US $3.92, or 2.7%, to US $141.37 per barrel, the largest decline since June 19. The intraday trading range was 139 $68. London August Brent crude oil futures fell $2.55, or 1.77%, to settle at $141.87 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 140 $86. In August, the settlement price of rbob gasoline futures fell by 8.83 cents, or 2.47%, to $3.4827 per gallon, with an intraday trading range of 3 Technical cooperation with counterparts in the United States, Russia and other advanced countries $5796. August heating oil futures closed down 13.64 cents, or 3.32%, to $3.9696 a gallon, with an intraday trading range of 3 11 dollars

after the long weekend of the US independence day, the market turned to the atmosphere of being short. The US dollar continued to rebound. The newly formed hurricane route in the Atlantic deviates from the oil producing area of the Gulf of America. In addition, Iran and the West have also given us great support in resolving the nuclear dispute impasse, which may show some flexibility. These factors caused some relatives to close their long positions, and the oil price fell back from its historical high around $145 a barrel. At the same time, the market supply and demand are basically facing the market vacancy. It is reported that some regions in the United States have begun to implement the four-day work week. The market's inhibition of high oil prices is further emerging. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult for oil prices to continue to rise without the stimulation of more favorable news such as geopolitics. It is expected that the short-term oil price will continue to support in the last ten days

as of noon today, Bayer materials technology under the price of fuel oil paper goods in Singapore in July: fell by US $4.00 to US $745.00 per ton, following the decline trend of overnight crude oil, but its positive price difference compared with August remained stable at US $4.00. In August, the price difference between fuel oil and Dubai crude oil cracking rose by 77 cents to a 9-week high of negative US $22.68. After Guangdong Province further increased subsidies for small power plants using oil as fuel, the market expected that China's demand would increase. Shanghai Fuel Oil Co., Ltd. was supported by domestic positive expectations for the first time today, opening low and going high, and closing up slightly. The anti falling trend is obvious. Due to the large power supply gap this summer, especially in Guangdong. After the price adjustment, the power plant still faces losses. It is expected that further subsidies will be introduced, so it gives strong support to Shanghai fuel. Today's expectation is still dominated by oscillation, with strong 5500 resistance

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