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One week highlights of the lighting industry (9.11-9.15)

in the first half of 2017, the total exports of China's LED lighting products to other BRICs countries exceeded US $400million, a year-on-year increase of 41.22%, accounting for 7.1% of China's LED lighting products exports. According to the export amount, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa are ranked in descending order. As the main LED lighting products at present, bulb lamps, tube lamps, lamp strips, projection lamps and flat lamps account for 54.47% of China's LED products exported to BRICs countries, with an export volume of about US $229million. According to the export volume, the order is bulb lamp, tube lamp, lamp strip, projection lamp and plane lamp

for the first time, researchers have successfully developed ultra-pure green LED, which is expected to make a breakthrough in ultra-high definition screen.

researchers in the Chemical Engineering Laboratory of Zurich Federal Institute of technology recently invented an ultra-thin flexible light-emitting diode (LED), which can emit ultra-pure green light. Researchers used this fine tone to display the three letters "eth". Professor Chih Jen Shih, head of the research team, pointed out that the research will help the production of the next generation of ultra-high resolution displays for television and intelligence

China's lighting products are subject to another anti-dumping investigation

according to the Argentine newspaper financial circles, the Argentine State Secretariat for trade officially decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation on emergency lighting equipment originating in China on September 4. The anti-dumping investigation on the above-mentioned products was initiated by atomlux and Gama sonic of Argentina. The State Secretariat for trade of the Ministry of production of Argentina believes that the two companies are representative in relevant industries in Argentina. Interested parties shall submit testimony within 10 working days after the issuance of the preliminary anti-dumping determination report. At present, the Argentine customs has received a notice requiring relevant import enterprises to provide certificates of origin to guide the market and enterprises to start investigation with the help of policies

on August 16, 2017, the Ministry of electronic information technology of India issued a notice to add 13 categories of electronic products to the BIS compulsory certification system, involving LED lamps, power supplies for household appliances, smart watches and other products. The announcement is planned to be enforced from 6 months after the announcement, i.e. February 16, 2018

dp jiuliang, lux lighting, etc. failed in the spot check

recently, the official of Jinzhong Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the publicity of 2016 Jinzhong Administration for Industry and commerce's spot check and inspection of commodity quality in the circulation field (III). According to the publicity in this issue, 22 batches of electrical products were sampled and 13 batches were unqualified during the 2016 spot check of commodity quality in the circulation field by Jinzhong Administration for Industry and commerce

Jiangsu inspection and quarantine suggested that the LED table lamp should be "four checks and one check"

when selecting eye protection table lamp, attention should be paid to "four checks and one check", first check the strobe, then check the blue light, then check the color temperature, and then check the color rendering index. Finally, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine reminded that consumers should recognize the "3C" certification of products when purchasing. China implements compulsory CCC certification for LED table lamps. Products with this certification qualification show that they meet relevant quality and safety standards, and are usually marked on the nameplate or package of products

new findings: cooling LED lamps with heat pipe technology

it is reported that British Jack Dyson recently announced one of his R & D achievements: cooling LED lighting lamps with heat pipe technology, so that it should pretreat gaskets at the sterilization temperature adopted in actual production to achieve a more sustainable and stable lighting effect. The basic principle of this technology is that a vacuum sealed copper tube laid along the transverse lamp frame is set in the lamp. Each sealed copper pipe is sealed with a drop of water. After the lamp is turned on, the heat generated by the LED turns the water in the pipe into steam. Under the action of pressure difference, the steam begins to move along the pipe. Once the steam reaches the cooling zone of the copper pipe, it will be re condensed into return water to dissipate the heat energy. Then, the water is sucked back to the LED direction, and the cooling cycle of the LED starts again


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