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One week smart manufacturing event Summary - micro chain cognitive technology enabling abb, creating a new pattern of smart manufacturing

one week smart manufacturing event Summary - micro chain cognitive technology enabling abb, creating a new pattern of smart manufacturing

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original title: one week smart manufacturing event Summary - micro chain cognitive technology enabling ABB, Creating a new pattern of intelligent manufacturing

enterprise dynamics

micro chain cognitive technology empowers ABB industrial robots and jointly creates a new pattern of intelligent manufacturing

on August 16, abb robotics signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing Liangjiang micro Chain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation in the field of industrial automation. Micro chain technology will carry its cognitive technology on ABB robots to help its users improve their automation level. ABB Robot Chongqing application center will provide robot sales, application, system integration and related services for customers in Southwest China, integrate system integrator resources, and focus on meeting the rapidly growing market demand for industrial robots in the fields of automobile, 3C product manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing

accelerate the development of industrial interconnection intelligent manufacturing field, and industrial Fulian helps Wang li'anfang

recently, Foxconn industrial interconnection Co., Ltd. and Wang li'anfang Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Based on the advantages of industrial Fulian industrial interconnection beacon platform, both parties intend to use industrial value to represent the application and service of large and small interconnection technology of metal elastic deformation work, so as to accelerate the development of Wang Li'an's industrial interconnection intelligent manufacturing field

according to the agreement, industrial Fulian will give full play to its advantages of advanced technology, including the infrastructure construction of enterprise network and data center, production automation, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. On the industrial interconnection platform, with the same strength as steel, industrial Fulian will also actively provide Wang Li'an with solutions such as intelligent manufacturing scenario application and scientific and technological services of intelligent locks and safety doors to help him achieve rapid digital transformation

assist in the construction of industrial interconnection industrial highland. The signing ceremony of Xiaomi ecological chain will be settled in the science and innovation corridor. In the afternoon of August 13, the cooperation signing ceremony between Xiaomi ecological chain East China headquarters and Xiaomi industrial design and Research Institute in the G60 science and innovation corridor was held in Songjiang science and technology city. According to the cooperation agreement, Xiaomi group, together with Songjiang District government and Lingang group, will build a 100000 square meter Xiaomi ecological chain industrial park in Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City, realize the agglomeration and integration of high-end manufacturing resources of Xiaomi ecological chain in Songjiang, and jointly build an intelligent industrial ecosystem and innovation development cluster base with the characteristics of "Songjiang creation"

Changhong Huayi was selected into the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects in 2018. Changhong Huayi (000404) Compressor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changhong Huayi) "intelligent manufacturing project of high-efficiency variable-frequency compressor for household appliances" was successfully selected. It has begun to use a large number of automation and information technologies in the production line, and has realized product manufacturing Intelligent connection of packaging, transportation, order sales and other links. At present, the production efficiency of Changhong Huayi has increased by more than 30% and the energy consumption has decreased by more than 15%. In the future, one compressor will be offline every 7 seconds. At present, Changhong Huayi has ranked first in the world in terms of annual output and sales volume for five consecutive years, and is gradually moving towards the "top in the world"

caichaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Nansha Municipal Committee, attended the signing ceremony. On August 16, the intelligent logistics robot enterprise lanpangzi robot signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of Nansha Development Zone to establish a national headquarters and R & D operation center in Nansha. According to the cooperation framework agreement signed by the two sides, lanpangzi robot will take Nansha as its headquarters base, carry out research on the software and hardware solutions of intelligent logistics unmanned warehouse and intelligent warehouse by introducing high-tech top talent teams in the robot field at home and abroad, and integrate enterprises such as lanpangzi robot Co., Ltd., lanpangzi artificial intelligence Co., Ltd. and anymen Logistics Co., Ltd, Build the national headquarters and R & D and operation center of bluefat robot in Nansha

2018 robot conference was held in ZTE, Beijing Yichuang International Convention and exhibition.

2018 world robot conference is planned to be held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 15 to 19. The conference, with the theme of "jointly creating a new era of wisdom and kinetic energy, sharing and opening up", consists of four sections: "forum", "Expo", "competition" and "ground unmanned system display activities". More than 10000 teams and hundreds of top experts from nearly 20 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan and Israel, gathered in this competition, with a total of more than 50000 contestants competing on the same stage

policy support

Yuyao starts five major projects and scales up intelligent manufacturing

according to a report from Ningbo, Yuyao recently released the intelligent manufacturing engineering action plan (2018-2020), which will focus on starting five major action projects, including intelligent technology and equipment innovation, intelligent manufacturing mode cultivation, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, application service system construction, and intelligent manufacturing infrastructure construction, to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of Yuyao industry, We will accelerate the transformation of the kinetic energy of the industrial economy and improve quality and efficiency

On August 14, the Guangdong Provincial People's government station released the Guangdong new generation artificial intelligence development plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan). According to the plan, by 2020, the scale of Guangdong's artificial intelligence core industry will exceed 50billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 300billion yuan; It has cultivated more than 50 national high-tech enterprises in the core field of artificial intelligence, including more than 10 enterprises with a valuation of more than 100million yuan; More than 10 artificial intelligence industrial clusters have been preliminarily established, striving to build Guangdong into a highland of domestic artificial intelligence innovation and application, and 15 application scenarios such as intelligent transportation, medical treatment and education have been identified

Guizhou publishes industrial interconnection roadmap

recently, the implementation plan of Guizhou Province for promoting the deep integration of big data and industry to develop industrial interconnection was issued, which proposed that by 2020, an industrial interconnection system should be initially established; By 2022, the overall goal is to form a relatively complete industrial interconnection system. By 2020, 3000 industrial enterprises will be promoted to implement digital networking and intelligent transformation; Build two comprehensive and four industry-specific industrial interconnection platforms; Realize the use of cloud by 5000 industrial enterprises, and promote the application of more than 5000 industrial apps; More than 100 industrial interconnection integration application demonstration projects have been formed

financing news

industrial interconnection solution provider Quanying technology obtained tens of millions of yuan of pre-A financing

according to media reports, industrial interconnection solution provider Quanying technology completed tens of millions of yuan of pre-A financing, which was led by Mingshi and followed by linear capital and Songhe Yuanwang. The company obtained the angel round investment of ten million yuan of Songhe Yuanwang capital in September 2017. The company's existing products mainly include "one platform" - mainly refers to the underlying industrial IOT big data basic platform. Quanying technology can carry out industrial application development for different industries based on this platform

millimeter wave radar manufacturer anzhijie obtained 50million yuan of a-round financing

. Zhang Yong, chairman of anzhijie, said that this round of financing will be used to expand the R & D team, accelerate the R & D and product iteration of millimeter wave radar, improve the automatic production line of product production, and improve the mass production efficiency

anzhijie, founded in 2014, is a high-tech company focusing on intelligent sensor applications with millimeter wave radar sensors as its core products. As one of the earliest companies in China with core R & D technology, complete design capability and experience data accumulation of millimeter wave radar sensors, anzhijie has independently developed 24GHz and 77GHz millimeter wave radar sensors and other products, and has obtained many technical patent certifications

on August 15, the machine vision service provider zengbo intelligence announced that it had completed the $11million a++ round of financing. The financing is led by Nantian Yingfu tech capital and sushi technology. The funds will be used for the R & D and application of industrial products, as well as the in-depth development of industrial markets in North America and Europe, so as to further consolidate the leading edge of Kubo intelligent clobotics in the wind power and retail fields in China and the international market

expanding intelligence focuses on computer vision and machine learning technology, and focuses on providing end-to-end integrated intelligent services for industrial enterprise users, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency of traditional industries and accelerate digital transformation

tens of millions of dollars of financing obtained by smartsens, a CMOS image sensor (CIS) supplier. According to the news on August 16, smartsens, a CMOS image sensor supplier, announced that it had obtained tens of millions of dollars of financing invested by Lenovo venture capital and other institutions. After this round of financing, smartsens will increase investment in cis product R & D, business expansion and capacity expansion

smartsens is the first company to launch global exposure CIS chip based on voltage domain architecture and BSI process. It focuses on providing future oriented and world leading CMOS image sensor chip products, involving security monitoring, vehicle imaging, machine vision, consumer electronics (motion camera, AR, VR, intelligent) and other application fields

international news

Google launched a new brand of "Google one" cloud storage, and the tariff has been greatly reduced

according to the latest news from foreign media, Google has officially launched a new brand of cloud storage service "Google one" recently, and has also significantly reduced the storage tariff for the first time in four years. You can get 100GB of storage space by paying $1.99 a month, which is similar to that in the past. However, Google introduced a new $2.99 tariff, providing 200GB of space per month. In addition, consumers used to pay US $9.99 a month to get 1TB of space (1tb=1024gb). In the future, at the same price, consumers can get 2TB of storage space, which is enough to store users' massive photos, videos and other data. Google also sells 10TB, 20tb and 30tb space on a monthly basis, with monthly fees ranging from $99.99 to $299.99

new vulnerabilities found in Intel chips: called "omen", hackers can obtain arbitrary memory information

on August 15, Intel recently disclosed the new vulnerability "omen" of its chips, which is also the third important vulnerability of Intel chips after the discovery of "fuse" and "ghost" in early 2018

the US government's Computer Emergency Preparedness team warned that an attacker may use this vulnerability to obtain sensitive information. With the "omen", criminals can obtain any information in a memory chip, including sensitive data, passwords and keys to long-term memory. Attackers can also copy and obtain sensitive data in a secure enclave


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