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Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Suntech call center system integration the perfect and successful launch of the call center centralized management and decentralized deployment system created by Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. for Suntech has added a new chapter to Suntech, helped Suntech greatly improve its operation efficiency, saved costs for enterprises and won high praise from users

since its establishment in March2001, Suntech has become one of the largest vocational education institutions in China, committed to improving the competitiveness of students in the workplace. Suntech has a wide range of training courses and services, ranging from vocational qualification certification, skill training to career related employment services. It has formed a standardized curriculum system and has become a template in the field of vocational training

as of June, 2012, Suntech has set up 17 branches in 17 large and medium-sized cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Nanjing, and has trained more than one million students, leading the field of vocational education for 12 years

Suntech agent working environment

Suntech educational institutions have branches in many provinces and cities across the country, especially in first tier cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen. The call center adopts distributed management. The branches in each province and city manage themselves, resulting in a waste of human resources in operation and maintenance. The overall maintenance and upgrading of the call center also causes great trouble, and the upgrading cannot be managed uniformly

in this regard, Suntech and Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. have jointly formulated a set of safe and stable system multi place integration scheme, which is under the unified management of the first tier cities in Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The SDH special line is used for data transmission among the three places. The three places share a large Avaya s8800 switch. All of them adopt the new IP soft form, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the traditional simulation. The IP soft is stable, convenient and easy to operate. In terms of recording, relay recording is adopted. Compared with traditional analog recording, relay recording avoids the problem of no recording or recording noise caused by physical line disconnection, and can better improve the sound quality and stability of recording

advantages of multi location integration management:

1. Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a multi location integration scheme for Suntech institutions, which has greatly improved the work efficiency of personnel deployment and personnel management of Suntech, and also saved a large amount of maintenance costs for customers. We have organized and implemented the three-year action plan for standardization of new material industry. It only needs one party to maintain it, and it doesn't need to work hard to maintain it, It also avoids the waste of human resources of operation and maintenance personnel

2. The application of IP software can be directly registered and used by the customer service personnel from other places through the link of the special line, which abandons the complexity of the traditional analog generic cabling, avoids the impassability of the physical lines caused by the generic cabling, and saves the operating costs of purchasing analog phones and maintenance

3. The application of all relay recording ensures the stability of recording. Recording is the most powerful evidence to evaluate the working attitude of customer service personnel after customer complaints, so the importance of recording is self-evident. In the traditional analog parallel line recording, there are many non recording phenomena caused by physical lines, and the poor security and stability of relay recording cause the loss of recording, which has become the first choice for recording

4. Dual hot standby function and dual background service system. The two systems work at the same time, which has doubled the stability of the system. The two systems are in parallel. In one system, the system will automatically identify and work independently to ensure the smooth operation of the business. If the primary server goes down, the client will automatically connect to the standby server, which may cause the test results to be inconsistent with the server. At the same time, the IVR server will also point the messages to the standby server, so that the students can come in in time, preventing the loss of business and greatly improving the service quality

5. Dual server load balancing. Because too many Suntech agents log in at the same time, it will cause great pressure on the server. Qiangxun company provides CTI dual server load balancing scheme according to the actual situation. The two servers share the pressure together, which greatly relieves the pressure on the server

the call center centralized management and decentralized deployment system created by Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. for Suntech has been successfully launched, adding a new chapter to Suntech. It has helped Suntech institutions greatly improve their operation efficiency and saved costs for enterprises, which has been highly appreciated by users


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