One week dynamics of bisphenol a import market 393

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One week's dynamics of bisphenol a import market (3..15)

the atmosphere of bisphenol a import market is flat. Suppliers continue to offer firm prices, but there is little response. Domestic buyers are cautious and wait-and-see, and their intention to cover positions is not strong. The market atmosphere is slightly stalemate. In terms of near foreign goods, the quotation of near foreign goods sources this week was around 850 US dollars/ton (the "main port of China" in CFR), The buyer's intention is no more than US $820/T (the samples rejected by the near-infrared model were released at the same time during the C exhibition; the samples were taken back to the laboratory to hold the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, Taizhou kaiercai industry exchange and cooperation promotion conference, the joint meeting of the National Plastics Industry Association, and the source excellent products docking meeting of plastic daily necessities fr China main port). The buyer and the seller have certain differences, and there are not many discussions; There are few quotations for ocean going goods. The reference negotiation price is about 850 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port)

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