Beijing's mid-term rise and fall of plastics still

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In the mid-term of Beijing, even the plastic futures market surged and fell, and the shock remained. On July 14, even the plastic futures market surged and fell, and both rose and fell at the end of the day. The main contract l0809 opened slightly higher in the morning and then surged and fell back, opening at 14700 points, with an intraday maximum of 14850 points and a minimum of 14630 points. The market was dominated by shock consolidation throughout the day. The final market closed flat at 75 points higher than 146 stiffness, with 47956 transactions and an increase of 1986 positions to 18642, The total turnover of each contract was 52318, and the total position was 20052

in the spot market, the spot market of China plastics polyethylene is basically stable, with small fluctuations in some parts. Due to the continuous downturn of downstream demand, there is still no significant improvement in market transactions, resulting in insufficient market confidence and a heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. At present, the mainstream price of LLDPE market is RMB per ton. Among them, the transaction of North China LLDPE was better over the weekend. On Monday, many merchants raised their quotations and made inquiries better, but the transaction was inferior to that over the weekend. Petrochemicals in East China LLDPE market lowered their prices, which was not well reflected by the market, and traders were obviously bearish. Traders in South China LLDPE market mostly wait and see Petrochemical developments, worry about petrochemical price adjustment, and the downstream basically does not take goods, so the market price drops

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipts in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market opened low and went high as a whole, showing mixed gains and losses in the end. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 was opened at 14500 points, with an intraday maximum of 14665 points and a minimum of 14500 points. The closing price increased by 55 points to 14620 points compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 354 transactions and 634 positions. The LLDPE warehouse receipt market of Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market rose and fell, and the tail market rose and fell. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened low at 14600 points in the morning, and the warehouse receipt price rose at 14780 points at the beginning of the trading day, which was the highest in a single day. Then it fell in shock, reaching 14560 points at the lowest. In the tail market, it fell slightly by 2 points to 14625 points, with 603 deals and 1061 positions

in the upstream market, due to geopolitical constraints, its product quality has reached the technology and utilization level of top similar products in Europe and the United States. The tension and supply worries have made the oil price reach a new high. At the same time, gasoline and heating oil futures also rose to new highs one after another, but some traders took profits and the market took some gains. Last Friday, the settlement price of August crude oil futures in New York rose by $3.43 to 145 a barrel, in which formaldehyde, benzene, 2 toluene and other hazardous materials will gradually volatilize In London, August Brent crude oil futures closed up $2.46 to $144.49 a barrel. In terms of ethylene, Asian ethylene was mixed at the latest closing. CFR Northeast Asia fell $400 to $per ton, and CFR Southeast Asia rose $10 to $per ton

the international crude oil fluctuated at a high level, and the LLDPE spot market was basically stable and fluctuated slightly. In view of the continued downturn in the downstream demand of LLDPE, there is still no significant improvement in market transactions, resulting in insufficient market confidence and a heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. From a comprehensive perspective, even the plastic futures market may continue its high-level consolidation trend in recent days, waiting for new direction guidance

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