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Beijing mid-term: PTA increased its position and volume slightly rebounded

on September 19, Zhengzhou PTA futures market was shaken and consolidated, showing a small rebound. The transaction volume of the main contract ta0811 increased by 16238 hands to 119042 hands compared with yesterday, and the position increased by 2398 hands to 47044 hands compared with yesterday. The contract opened at 7050 yuan. At the beginning of the trading, driven by the rise of the international crude oil market for the second day in a row last night, the contract started a volatile upward trend, with a maximum rise of 7152 yuan. In view of the weakness of the overall fundamentals, it gradually fell back, and the decline remained. The lowest decline was 7018 yuan, and the final market closed up slightly by 38 yuan to 7110 yuan

in the spot market, the closing price of PTA spot is still flat. Generally, the average cash price of high-quality spot is around RMB 7000 per ton, and the actual negotiation is RMB. The self raising price of mainstream spot money in the inner market: yuan/ton, and the average transaction price of offshore spot money in the outer market is in Category 1 per ton, which is mainly used for precision experimental machines. In addition, Meg's internal spot price was maintained at 6500 yuan per ton, and the external price was slightly raised to 795 dollars per ton

upstream international crude oil rose for two consecutive days, driving the PX in Asia to stop falling and rise by $40 to around $1110. Downstream demand is expected to recover after the Olympic Games "This liquid is completely non-toxic and harmless. In the early stage, the overall operating rate of the textile industry decreased, resulting in the reduction of polyester demand, and then the downstream operating rate is expected to gradually rise. In addition, the arrival of the peak season of the traditional textile industry is also good for the retaliatory rebound a under the long-term distortion of the price mechanism of Zhengzhou Pt. In addition, the decline of Zhengzhou PTA in the early stage is slightly too fast. From a comprehensive point of view, Zhengzhou PTA may show a shock adjustment pattern.

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