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"In recent years, the proportion of packaging materials in urban domestic waste has become larger and larger. It is conservatively estimated that 'packaging waste' has accounted for more than 35% of citizens' domestic waste." Sheng Zexin, deputy director of Beijing Gaoantun sanitary landfill, said

Gaoantun sanitary landfill is the largest landfill in Beijing. About 2000 tons of urban domestic waste are transported here every day for landfill treatment

the first phase project of Gaoantun sanitary landfill, covering an area of 17.4 hectares, was put into use at the end of 2002. Now it has been piled into a hill more than 10 meters high. The continuous expansion of the field of utilization of Chenzexin plastics tells us that after a large amount of domestic garbage is transported, they should first sort it by category, and then plant vegetation after multiple processes such as compaction and coverage

when referring to packaging waste, wangweiping, a waste expert and senior engineer of Beijing Municipal Administration Committee, believed that the "packaging waste" in the city has shown a significant upward trend in recent years, accounting for an increasing proportion of citizens' domestic waste. Moreover, according to the current situation and considering various factors, it takes about 150 yuan to treat a ton of garbage, which costs more than the value of 1 gram of gold

Wang Weiping believes that there are four major drawbacks to the growing over packaging of commodities. First of all, it causes a waste of resources. No matter how exquisite the packaging is, it will eventually be abandoned. The second is to generate more garbage and increase the treatment cost. The annual waste disposal cost in Beijing is as high as 1billion yuan. If unnecessary excessive packaging is reduced, more than 200million yuan can be saved. Third, it infringed upon the rights and interests of consumers. Excessive packaging caused the rising cost of goods, which was passed on to consumers by businesses. Fourth, unfair competition has been encouraged. Now many businesses do not spend a lot of energy on improving product quality, but blindly pursue "high-grade" packaging, which damages the interests of consumers. (end)

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