Beijing's mid-term rebound in plastic sales has be

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In the mid-term of Beijing: even the sales volume of plastics stopped falling and rebounded decreased

. The main contract l0901 opened at 12075 yuan, with a maximum of 12435 yuan and a minimum of 12075 yuan at 98.07 yuan. In the end, it closed up 95 yuan to 12435 yuan. The transaction volume was reduced by 902 hands to 87722 hands, and the position was slightly increased by 290 hands to 19490. A total of 99618 contracts were concluded and 25906 positions were held

in the spot market, the spot market of China plastics polyethylene remained depressed, and the price decline was difficult to stop. Mainly due to weak market demand, especially the low operating rate of downstream factories, and secondly due to the listing and price reduction of petrochemicals, the market continued to fall. In addition, the decline of crude oil, monomer and external market has made the market mentality more pessimistic and the bearish atmosphere more intense. At present, the mainstream price of LLDPE market is RMB/ton. Among them, North China LLDPE market was not stimulated by good news, the transaction was poor, the price continued to decline, and the traders' mentality was poor. East China LLDPE market had a small amount of inquiries in the morning, but they didn't get much goods. The traders' mentality was poor. The South China LLDPE market has a high enthusiasm for the linear speculation of Guangzhou petrochemical, the linear prices of other brands are relatively stable, and the traders' mentality is general

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market stopped falling and rebounded, and closed up as a whole. The main warehouse receipt ll0811 opened at 12450 yuan, with a maximum of 12605 yuan and a minimum of 12400 yuan. The closing price rose by 15 yuan to 12605 yuan, with 288 transactions and 575 positions. LLDPE warehouse receipts in Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market were consolidated in shock, and the whole market ended lower in the final market. The main warehouse receipt ll0811 opened at 12400, with a maximum of 12480 and a minimum of 12200. Compared with yesterday's settlement price, the closing price fell by 29 yuan to 12440 yuan, with 420 transactions and 667 positions

in the upstream market, traders bet that OPEC would maintain its production quota at Tuesday's meeting. The settlement price of October crude oil futures in New York fell $3.08 to $103.26 a barrel, and London Brent crude oil futures fell $3.10 to $100.34. In terms of ethylene, the latest closing of Asian ethylene was slightly weaker. CFR East did not need to import the static stress of unit load. As a result, North Asia point was reported as USD 5/ton, while CFR Southeast Asia fell by USD 12.5 to USD/ton

the international crude oil fell to around us $103, the spot LLDPE market price still fell, and the market atmosphere remained depressed. Sinopec and PetroChina lowered their listing prices, which kept the market prices lower. Most market participants were bearish, which made the market demand still weak. From a comprehensive point of view, in recent days, even plastics may continue to shake the consolidation trend, waiting for new direction guidance

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