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One week review of the hot spots in the paint industry

one week review of the hot spots in the paint industry

December 7, 2018


US EPA approved anti mosquito paint

Japan's global paint and coating supplier paint group announced that the US Environmental Protection Agency has approved the company's anti mosquito paint. The anti mosquito paint is designed for indoor use. The company says it contains a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide

the company believes that this paint "shows that it can significantly reduce the presence of mosquitoes in the coating area" Chinese paint. The president of the group said: "our tests show that the anti mosquito paint can prevent more than 90% of mosquitoes from contacting, and the validity period is at least two years." This is the only anti mosquito paint approved by EPA at present

at present, the similar instruments seen are all manual sample clamping, and the pneumatic clamping is fast


the 10th price increase! On December 3, PPG announced that it would raise the price of all industrial coatings by 10%. This modification will take effect on january1,2019, or as permitted by the contract, and is applicable to all industrial coating end use departments

PPG cost pressure increases due to the continuous rise of raw materials, transportation, distribution and labor costs in various regions. Therefore, in order to alleviate the pressure caused by the significant rise in raw material costs, PPG has raised its prices for 10 times since last year, including automotive OEM coatings, industrial coatings, packaging coatings, protective and marine coatings, architectural coatings, etc

article source: coating industry


the water-based paint developed by the China power research team "puts on" the environmental protection coat for transformers

recently, mojuan, senior engineer of the power transmission and Transformation Engineering Research Institute of the China Power Research Institute, led the research team to actively study the application of water-based paint in the field of transformer corrosion prevention, tackle key technical difficulties, and carry out pilot application of 220 kV transformer radiators, and achieved good results

however, there are many difficulties in applying water-based paint to transformers, such as poor adhesion, low hardness, long drying time and complex coating process. Through continuous research and repeated tests, the scientific research team has made the water-based paint center an important platform to promote the development of military civilian integration in Guangdong Province. The adhesion reaches grade 0, the surface drying time is less than 30 minutes, and the salt spray resistance time reaches more than 8000 hours. If the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 is not output to adapt to the actual production process, meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, and "wear" an environmental protection coat for the transformer, In line with the national green power construction and development concept

article source: three optical fiber coating group standards including coating industry

04 UV-LED curing optical fiber coating will be formulated

on November 27, multimode optical fiber coating, high speed drawing single mode optical fiber coating, UV-LED curing optical fiber coating, high purity chlorine for optical fiber preform, jointly organized by China Electronic Materials Industry Association and optical fiber industry technology innovation alliance The five group standards validation meeting of germanium tetrachloride for optical fiber preform was successfully held in Guizhou building, Beijing

at the meeting, the expert group listened carefully to the brief reports of each preparation working group on the preparation process of the standard, the determination of main technical elements, the process of soliciting opinions and the summary and handling of opinions; Reviewed the standard text item by item; The problems existing in the standard text were fully discussed and questioned

article source: Tu Jie


"oil prohibition" policy continues to be tightened! These areas no longer undertake or withdraw solvent based coatings

it is reported that recently, the Department of ecological environment of Guangdong Province organized the drafting of the announcement on the implementation of special emission limits of air pollutants in the chemical and non-ferrous industries (Draft for comments) and the preparation instructions, which intends to further clarify the requirements for the implementation of special emission limits of air pollutants in the chemical and non-ferrous industries throughout the province

the document proposes that, first, on the basis of the implementation of special emission limits for new projects in the Pearl River Delta, the special emission limits for air pollutants shall be uniformly implemented for new construction projects in the chemical and non-ferrous industries outside the Pearl River Delta. Second, the existing enterprises in the province wide chemical industry implement special emission limits for particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and non methane total hydrocarbons; Special emission limits for particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides shall be implemented for existing enterprises in the non-ferrous industry. The specific implementation time shall be subject to the announcement


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