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In fact, most of the climatic factors are just the introduction, not the root cause of the problems in winter home decoration. The root cause lies in whether the material selection is appropriate and whether the construction process is standardized

in fact, most of the climatic factors are only the introduction, not the root cause. The root cause lies in whether the material selection is appropriate and the construction technology is standardized during the decoration. If the material is appropriate and the technology is OK, a lot of trouble will be saved when living. Compared with the problems prone to occur in winter, what is more noteworthy is the matters needing attention during winter construction

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don't use wood immediately. When will the corresponding materials enter the site for many home decoration? However, in winter construction, it is best not to use the wood as soon as it enters the site, because the raw materials are generally stored in the open air. In winter, the outdoor temperature is very low, and the moisture in the materials is easy to freeze. Therefore, after entering the site, it is best to park at room temperature for 3-5 days, and wait until the wood "slows down" before using

ensure the construction temperature. It's cold in winter, and it's OK for houses with central heating. If it's a house with household heating, some families don't turn on the heating in order to save costs during decoration, but this will affect the construction quality. It is better to keep the room temperature above 5 ℃. If the temperature is too low, it is easy for the cement to freeze and reduce the strength when puttying and tiling, resulting in hollowing and falling off

Don't open the window in windy days. When pasting wallpaper, puttying and other processes, pay attention not to open the window, otherwise, in the case of strong wind, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of "false drying". It looks and feels dry on the surface, but it is not dry inside, which will affect the quality of subsequent processes

improve environmental awareness. Affected by the temperature, winter construction cannot always open the windows as in other seasons, which will affect the emission of harmful gases. As we all know, when the temperature is low, harmful gases will also reduce volatilization or stop volatilization. In this case, after occupancy, when the temperature rises, harmful gases will come out and affect residential health. Even environmentally friendly materials cannot be guaranteed to be free of harmful ingredients, but such materials have fewer harmful ingredients. Therefore, in addition to choosing green and environmentally friendly building materials as much as possible in terms of material selection, we should try to use less or even no seriously environmentally unprotected materials such as antifreeze in terms of technology. In addition, we should also pay attention to taking some later measures, such as absorbing harmful gases through green plants

there are many problems in the decoration, but the owners can't understand all the problems. They can't go to the decoration until they become decoration experts. Therefore, it's best to choose a decoration company with high quality and management level to avoid some avoidable problems as far as possible




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