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Provident fund is a kind of housing security deposit and employee welfare. In today's high housing prices, provident fund housing loan has become the first choice of many citizens, and Wuhan owners are even more concerned about it. Recently, many friends consulted about this matter through the Wuhan home improvement network platform. Xiaobian learned that the provident fund deposited by individuals is expected to land in Wuhan. Are you very happy to hear this news? What's going on? Let's follow Xiaobian's steps to find out

recently, Xiaobian learned that the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council solicited public opinions on the "Regulations on the administration of housing provident fund (Revised Draft for examination)" and proposed that individual industrial and commercial households can pay the provident fund. In addition, decoration and even property costs can be withdrawn from the housing provident fund. The staff of Wuhan housing provident fund management center said that there is no timetable for the withdrawal of provident fund for decoration and property costs, but individual industrial and commercial households can deposit provident fund, which is expected to be implemented

the editor noted that compared with the current provisions of Wuhan on the management of provident fund, it is a new way to draw provident fund from the decoration of houses and the payment of property fees. In this regard, Wuhan housing provident fund management center said that at present, the regulation is in the stage of soliciting opinions, and the specific provisions have not been formally introduced

at the same time, as the personal loan rate of Wuhan provident fund ranks in the forefront of the country, which has reached 101.85%, in the case of relatively tight funds, we should first ensure the survival needs, that is, we should first ensure that low - and middle-income people can benefit. Decoration and property are improvement needs, which should be ranked behind the basic needs. Therefore, even after the introduction of the new policy, it is doubtful whether it can be implemented




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