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8 general knowledge that novice seamstress must master! Looking for Zunfeng for beautiful sewing today, novice beautiful sewing masters often encounter various problems in beautiful sewing construction. If these problems cannot be understood, they will inevitably have a certain impact on the construction effect, resulting in the decline of users' reputation. The following eight questions are the most common questions for novices who have been carefully summarized by Xiaobian. Having the ability to answer these questions as soon as possible can help your sewing career get twice the result with half the effort

1 why does the real porcelain glue make about one meter of material and discard it before use

real porcelain glue is a two-component product, which is mixed and discharged through a mixing tube. It is possible that one of the ingredients will come out first, so the raw materials will be mixed unevenly. If it is directly inserted into the crack of the ceramic tile, the uneven mixing of raw materials will lead to uneven color distribution of the beautiful seam, or the permanent drying of raw materials

2 why is there uneven thickness in the typed

in fact, this kind of situation usually occurs in novices, because they lack experience and do not master the use skills of glue guns. The discharge speed of the mixing nozzle is directly proportional to the speed of pinching the handle of the glue gun. When the handle is pinched to the limit, be sure to release the pressure in time. If you keep holding the handle, the discharge will stop when the pressure in the gun is not enough to support the discharge power. Therefore, if you want to hit the material evenly and quickly, the frequency of pinching the handle with your fingers must be consistent with the moving speed of the glue gun! 3 why is it that for the same product, you make materials and burst the tube yourself, but others don't burst the tube

there are two reasons. The first is that the quality of real porcelain tubes produced by this manufacturer of stitching agent is not up to standard, so they often explode. The second is that the use method is incorrect, so the pipe will often burst. Because every time the trigger of the glue gun is pressed, the pressure in the mixing pipe will rise a little. If the pressure is not released by pressing the trigger, when the pressure is too high and the discharge volume of the mixing tube is small, the real porcelain will be squeezed out behind the bottle, resulting in bottle explosion. To solve this problem, first, we should choose regular sewing agent manufacturers to purchase. Second, every time you sew two to three meters, you should quickly return the gun to release the pressure

4 what should be done if the internal corner beauty sewing materials are not separated

due to the diversity of house types, sometimes some structures will inevitably have some unreasonable places. When making beautiful stitches, what can best reflect this is all kinds of unreasonable internal corners. These internal corners are difficult to operate, and it is easy to not completely compact the beautiful joint when pressing the joint, resulting in the discovery that the beautiful joint is not completely separated from the remaining materials on both sides when shoveling the material. The solution is very simple. You can use the art knife to cut a knife in parallel along the gap direction, and then carefully shovel the remaining materials on both sides along the knife mark. The method to prevent this kind of problem is also very simple. The internal and external corners can be pressed with special internal and external corner scrapers. This can avoid the problem that the corners of the internal corners cannot be pressed. The operation is relatively simple, and it can also compress the gap. It can be said to be a very convenient sewing tool. 5. How to deal with the black edges of white bricks

when the gap between tiles is too small, sometimes the blade will accidentally scrape the tile wall. If the blade of the blade is not of good quality or the blade is dirty, it will easily pollute the tiles, resulting in black edges on the tiles. Since we are not sure about the tolerance of each kind of white tiles, the beautician must communicate with the owner before the beautification of white tiles. It is best to clean an unobtrusive gap after moving into the furniture first, so that the owner can see the beautiful joint effect, and then carry out the construction with the consent of the owner. If you don't find it in the early stage of joint cleaning, you don't have to worry until you find that the tiles turn black. You can use a rag dipped in some acidic detergent to wipe, such as toilet cleaner, 84 disinfectant, etc. Wipe carefully along the gap of the black edge for a few times, and the black edge will disappear due to acid-base reaction

6 how to deal with the water coming out of the balcony after the beautiful sewing? Balcony is a space with high requirements for closed environment. Leaving a little tiny gap may lead to rainwater immersion in rainy days. The water on the surface can be removed in time after it is found, and the water deep into the interior of the tile will evaporate into steam when it is sunny, and the steam will gradually rise from the interior of the gap to the top, which is likely to lead to the degumming of the beautiful seam. In addition, due to the different degree of air pollution in each region, the acidity and alkalinity of rainwater are also different. These polluted rainwater will also cause corrosive damage to the cracks of ceramic tiles. This situation is generally caused by omissions when decorating the balcony. At this time, the beautiful joints in the leaking places should be eradicated, and at the same time, the owners should seal the balcony, and then do the beautiful joints again after the interior of the tile joints are dry

7 what if you accidentally step on the wet beauty seam

after finishing the beautiful sewing, sometimes due to the problem of blind area of visual angle, the beautiful stitcher gets up after punching a gap, and some beautiful stitches are stained on the shoe cover, and then he steps on the ceramic tile and leaves footprints. It can only be said that you need to pay special attention to your feet when sewing, especially when gluing. Since freshly made water porcelain can be wiped off directly with a wet rag, here is only a detailed introduction to how to wipe off real porcelain. First of all, you need to find the following materials: a hot-air gun, a towel, and a bottle of absolute ethanol. In the absence of a hot-air gun, you can use an electric hair dryer instead. After the materials are ready, you can officially start cleaning. First, wipe the place that needs to be treated with a dry towel to ensure that there are no other sundries except for the beautiful sewing footprints. Then lay a clean towel on the place with footprints, and pour anhydrous ethanol to wet the towel. Then aim the towel immersed in ethanol with a hot-air gun, hair dryer, etc. and move it back and forth. After heating for about one minute, press the air vent onto the towel and move it back and forth until the footprints are removed. After the footprints are completely removed, wipe them with a clean damp towel. It should be noted that due to the rapid evaporation of ethanol, it is necessary to keep the towel moist during the heating process. Some places that cannot be completely removed at once must not be scratched with a blade, which will leave scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile and affect the effect. If necessary, repeat the heating steps for several times. Why is the material shoveled down after the beautiful sewing all debris

in general, the residual material after the removal of the beautiful seam is the whole tear, and the whole tear is a key indicator for the owner to identify the flexibility of the beautiful seam. However, in winter, when cleaning up the surplus materials, the beautiful sewing is often not a whole strip, but in the shape of debris. Such changes will not only make the owner wonder, but also make the beautiful sewing master confused. This reason is also well understood. The first reason is that the temperature in winter is relatively low. Due to the change of the temperature in the construction environment, the drying time of the joint is likely to be longer, and the joint dresser may also slightly extend the drying time. After drying for a long time, a thin layer of beautiful cracks left on the surface of the ceramic tile also solidifies, and becomes debris when cleaned up. In another case, the surface temperature of ceramic tiles in winter will be far lower than the temperature. The beautiful seam is attached to the surface of ceramic tiles, which absorbs a lot of heat, and naturally presents a relatively brittle state when it is dry. Therefore, when cleaning the residual materials, the residual materials on both sides are also in the state of debris. This kind of situation only occurs more in winter. In order to avoid this situation, it is suggested that when the beauticians construct in winter or in an environment below 15 degrees Celsius, no matter what type of ceramic tiles, they should wax both sides of the gap to make the residual materials better cleaned. After mastering these skills, the problems arising from aesthetic sewing can be basically solved, and it is a step closer to a professional aesthetic seaman

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