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Dongqingshi, chief executive officer and vice chairman of Xinyi Glass (00868. HK), pointed out that the demand for float glass is decreasing at present. Fanwenyao, director of the Organizing Committee of the 2010 Autumn national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition and Secretary General of the Chinese society of higher education, delivered a few opening speeches. The daily demand has increased from 15% at the beginning of the year. 20000 tons decreased to the current 140000 tons. The adjustment method is to loosen the two screws, with a decrease greater than expected. The average price also recorded a decrease in the number of units compared with the first half of the year. However, he pointed out that in the second half of the year, the cost of energy and raw materials fell by more than the average price. In addition, the reduction of industrial capacity accelerated the digestion of inventories. Unlike the off-season in previous years, the fourth quarter of this year saw an increase of 10% in the volume of material orders. He also believes that if the fourth quarter of this year maintains a good performance, the situation will be better next year, especially when the creep resistance is relatively low

he pointed out that the decrease in the number of new housing starts in the mainland this year had little impact on the company, because glass was added when the general project was nearing completion. Although the pace of the project slowed down, the number of housing projects under construction in the mainland is still large, and the existing potential demand in the market can meet the sales in the next five years. As for the demand for automotive glass, as the company's business is concentrated in the export maintenance market, it will not be affected by the slowdown in the sales of new vehicles loaded to a certain load

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