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The counter attack road of China's power battery in the new energy era

in the past few years, with the rapid growth of production and sales of new energy vehicles, China's power battery industry has made great progress

according to the 2017 power battery blue book released by the China automobile center not long ago, in 2016, the output of new energy vehicles in China was 516000, the sales volume was 507000, the shipment of power batteries reached 30.5gwh, and the upstream and downstream industry scale of power batteries was roughly estimated to be close to 500billion yuan. Now the third quarter of 2017 has passed, so it is difficult to estimate the scale of the power battery industry

in the action plan for promoting the development of automotive power battery industry jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance, the goal that the total capacity of power battery will exceed 100GWh in 2020 is put forward. It is expected that the power battery will still maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 30% in the next five years, which is undoubtedly a measure of great confidence in power battery

it can be said that the new energy era has come, but can Chinese brand power battery enterprises really counter attack

prediction of power battery market scale of new energy vehicles:

foreign batteries are ambitious and devour them.

today, with the continuous aggravation of environmental pollution and the concept of green environmental protection economy becoming the mainstream, the development of new energy vehicles has become an international consensus. In the foreseeable future, China is bound to be the largest new energy vehicle market, and no one is willing to give up this huge interest

Nikkei Chinese said on October 26 that Panasonic would invest 100billion yen to increase production in lithium-ion battery production bases in Japan, China and the United States in line with gb6112 (5) and gb11548 (9). It is reported that Panasonic has built the first plant in Dalian in April this year, and then announced the construction of a power battery plant in Jiangsu in May. This time, for example, the ring stiffness, ring flexibility, tension, contraction, creep ratio and so on, Panasonic has built a second plant in Dalian, China, which has doubled the production scale. The layout is amazing

due to the lack of battery capacity, Tesla Model 3 delivered only more than 200 vehicles in the third quarter of this year, far from the previously expected target of 1500 vehicles

as the exclusive supplier of Tesla power battery, Panasonic has to associate Tesla with the expansion of China's power battery market. More importantly, China intends to relax the regulations on wholly foreign-owned factories, and Tesla is still uncertain about building factories in China

large foreign new energy enterprises, relying on their strong technical strength, began to directly carry out research and development and evaluation of advanced battery materials, so as to occupy the technical highland of power batteries and continue to lead the development of the industry in new energy vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and General Motors, as well as Japan and South Korea battery giants LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, etc

the mass production time of Samsung SDI and LG Chemical 21700 batteries is set in 2021. At present, Toyota is also developing new battery technology. Its all solid-state battery claims that its charging capacity can reach twice that of lithium-ion battery, and it only takes a few minutes to fully charge. Toyota plans to adopt it on new electric vehicles in 2022

in addition, on August 17, the State Council issued the notice on several measures to promote the growth of foreign investment, which proposed to further expand the scope of market access and opening to the outside world, and continue to promote the opening up of special purpose vehicles and new energy vehicle manufacturing

On September 15, the spokesman of the national development and Reform Commission said that in the second half of this year, foreign investment access will be further relaxed in the fields of finance, new energy vehicles and so on, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge for Chinese battery brands

Chinese enterprises strive for the upper reaches without losing the wind

a few days ago, Ningde times issued a prospectus, which caused huge repercussions in the industry. The company plans to publicly issue no more than 217million A shares and raise 13.12 billion yuan for Huxi lithium-ion power battery production base project and power and energy storage battery R & D project

among them, the Huxi lithium-ion power battery project will build 24 production lines, with a total annual capacity of 24gwh power battery products, which is also to meet the market demand for high-capacity, high magnification, long cycle life, high safety, in the final analysis and consistency batteries

not long ago, GuoXuan high tech announced that the total amount of funds raised by the proposed rights issue would not exceed RMB 3.6 billion, which would be used for the company's new generation high specific energy lithium battery industrialization project, 10000 tons of high nickel ternary cathode material and 5000 tons of silicon-based cathode material projects

domestic power battery enterprises actively expand production capacity. In the battery enterprise installed capacity ranking in October, only six enterprises, Ningde times, BYD, bick battery, Waterma, GuoXuan high tech and Zhejiang Tianneng, accounted for nearly two-thirds of the domestic power battery market in total. The market concentration is not high

while basing themselves on the domestic market, Chinese power battery enterprises have also begun to gradually move towards the international market, and have launched face-to-face competition with international battery enterprise brands. The technological innovation ability of Chinese power batteries has become an important force in the technological innovation of global power batteries

compared with foreign countries, China's battery industry started very late, but now it has caught up step by step and embarked on the road of counter attack

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