The coverage rate of UAV line patrol in Guizhou Po

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Reach the standard in advance! The coverage rate of Guizhou electric UAV line patrol exceeds 60%

with the impact speed of 0.005in/With the development of UAV, the power sector should replace it and gradually adopt this emerging technology product for line patrol inspection. Recently, Guizhou electric power company disclosed that the coverage rate of Guizhou electric UAV inspection has reached 60.2%, and the annual plan has been completed ahead of schedule

on December 10, it was learned from the production technology department of Guizhou electric power company that as of November 30, the total length of UAV patrol inspection on the 110kV and above lines of Guizhou electric power company was 25054 km, and the coverage rate of aircraft patrol inspection was 60.2%, completing the annual plan ahead of schedule

since this year, while undertaking the company's management requirements, Guizhou electric power company has organized the preparation of four management systems, including the technical guidelines for patrol inspection of multi rotor UAVs on overhead transmission lines (for Trial Implementation). 378 UAVs have been configured, 370 UAV pilots have been trained, of which 94 have obtained AOPA captain or driver's license, and vigorously carried out aircraft patrol data information management and intelligent analysis and research

at present, Guizhou Electric Power Co., Ltd. has the ability to intelligently identify typical infrared and visible defects of transmission lines inspected by UAVs. When the transmission line channel image point cloud research, three-dimensional laser scanning and three-dimensional modeling application of aerial images for micro UAV inspection are piloted and promoted, and the hardness is measured, it initially has the ability to accurately judge the hidden dangers such as crossing, ground distance and tree obstacles

in addition, in order to do a good job in the standardized management of aircraft patrol data, Guizhou electric power has completed the construction of phase I of the secondary master station of aircraft patrol management platform, and the functional modules such as UAV patrol plan, patrol record and patrol account have been built, basically realizing the information management of UAV patrol work. After the completion of phase II construction in 2018, it will comprehensively improve the stability of the platform system and improve the system christodouleas said: "we also found that the bubble has the ability to store sterile environmental data and exchange with other external systems, so as to fully realize the information management of aircraft patrol work

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