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The counter attack of the hardware and Electromechanical market

the manufacturing industry, which accounts for 35% of GDP, is the foundation and lifeline of China's economy, of which hardware and electromechanical industry accounts for 85% of the manufacturing industry. In 2016, the output value of China's hardware and electromechanical industry was 10trillion yuan. In this sense, the hardware and electromechanical industry is an important industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. However, due to the slow recovery of the international economy in recent years, the cold of domestic real estate and mining industry, the improvement of infrastructure construction, the low employment threshold of the hardware and electromechanical industry, resulting in the homogenization of products and vicious competition, all these factors have brought great impact and reform pressure to the hardware and electromechanical industry. In addition to the fixed transaction volume of individual large merchants in the market, Most of the remaining small and medium-sized merchants have declined in both trading volume and price. Today, with the slow structural adjustment of the hardware and electromechanical industry, the overall service level is stagnant, and the increasingly serious gap between the hardware and electromechanical industry and the demand of modern manufacturing industry for the tool industry, Amir Ameri, an assistant professor of the school of mechanical and material engineering at Washington State University, said, Is there a counter attack way to get rid of the plight of the hardware and electromechanical industry

when the hardware and Electromechanical market still uses e-commerce as a gimmick to promote itself, and the hardware and electromechanical merchants are still hesitant to test the water of e-commerce for Zhejiang, the state has issued the made in China 2025 strategy to vigorously promote "Internet +". In the field of consumer goods, the "double 11" of Alibaba has created a myth that the one-day turnover exceeds 100 billion. In the field of Internet, In 2016, Ma Yun said at the yunqi conference that the word "e-commerce" would no longer be mentioned from 2017, but "new retail" would be vigorously developed instead. In the ten years when the consumer goods industry has been completely subverted by the Internet, the hardware and electromechanical industry seems to be in line with the rules and remain calm. Why

the hardware and electromechanical industry is a relatively special industry with a huge volume and a large variety of categories. Similar to the consumer goods industry, the hardware and electromechanical industry also has complicated intermediate links. From the manufacturer to the user, the price of 6000kn high-precision load sensors has been continuously raised in the intermediate links, and there are also a lot of duplication and waste in logistics and warehousing, which makes the end users feel that the hardware and electromechanical products are of high price and low quality, Since 2012, the industry has been overwhelmed by various heavy costs. Therefore, the hardware and electromechanical industry urgently needs to cut down some unreasonable intermediate links by relying on the e-commerce platform like FMCG, change the current situation of information asymmetry, and enable the industry to develop healthily and sustainably. However, most hardware and electromechanical products belong to the means of production, and ordinary consumers have little daily contact, which is very different from the direct consumers faced by traditional e-commerce platforms such as and The customers who purchase hardware and electromechanical products are mainly governments, enterprises and construction units. They mostly purchase in a centralized manner, and are used to directly looking for stores or shops in the hardware and Electromechanical market and electromechanical city. Therefore, The future circulation of the hardware and electromechanical industry must be the organic integration and coordinated development of online and offline channels. Neither online nor offline channels can have a future. The hardware and electromechanical industry interconnection platform is not just an information virtual platform, and the traditional professional market and merchants are no longer just a simple physical trading place. That is to say, the hardware electromechanical circulation industry will move forward from the "three generation market" represented by the hardware street, the fair market and the highly concentrated hardware electromechanical professional market to the "four generation market" represented by the smart cloud market. So what exactly is the smart cloud market

according to the description of professional analysts from hardware and electromechanical industry:

the cloud market is a smart market completely corresponding to the physical market. Its main features are localization and one-stop procurement. Its main functions are to integrate product selection, efficient communication, order placement, payment and settlement, logistics tracking, customer management, Internet finance, after-sales service and other functions. The cloud market is an open hardware and electromechanical product supermarket that combines online and offline organically. The supermarket will choose high-quality merchants in each region to cooperate with it. It is a joint venture platform with the platform as the main body and the supply chain system as the linkage and coordination. The cloud market has a unified payment and settlement system, service standards, and logistics distribution system to ensure quality and service for purchasers

according to the author's understanding, hardware electromechanical () has focused on the hardware Electromechanical industry for more than ten years, and has launched the cloud market implementation plan in the country. They can quickly upgrade the traditional hardware Electromechanical market to a cloud market with integrated development of offline and online. Merchants also become cloud merchants in the cloud market, which can not only better serve existing customers, but also rely on the huge traffic of hardware electromechanical () With powerful operation tools and professional operation talents, businesses can quickly carry out e-commerce without configuring professional e-commerce operation teams, participate in local and foreign business competition, and thus increase new sales. It has realized the specialized division of labor of "my e-commerce and your business", brought new vitality to the traditional hardware and Electromechanical market and traditional merchants, created new value, and therefore won the recognition of the market

when new retail, Internet +, supply measurement reform, industrial interconnection (Industrial interconnection) and other development trends and long-term plans come, each of us in the industry should think about the future development. When a new concept is put forward to perfection, it may not be achieved overnight, but the smart cloud market is in line with the current reality of the hardware and electromechanical industry, We have every reason to believe that the industrial interconnection + offline physical stores with the smart cloud market as the carrier must be a counter attack to the hardware and Electromechanical market

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