On the peak of foam granulator industry in China

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Talking about: China's foam granulator industry is approaching its peak

at present, recycled foam particles have been applied in textile, automobile, food and beverage packaging, consumer electronics, etc. Some enterprises also actively put forward the application demands of recycled plastics. With the removal of all constraints in the future, it will also give the extruder industry endless development power. It is difficult to find that the development prospect of recycled plastics is very promising, and foam granulator has become a market leader. With the introduction of national policies and the support of the government, the development of the foam granulator industry has accelerated and reached the peak of the industry

shutdown according to possession "According to the statistics on the formulation of national standards for fully biodegradable express bags, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the national environmental protection investment demand will reach 3.4 trillion yuan, the industrial output value will reach 2.2 trillion yuan, the parameters of five gold tool torque testing equipment: all doubled compared with the 11th Five Year Plan period, and the annual compound growth rate of the industry is between 15% and 20%. Zhaohualin, director of the pollution prevention and Control Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said at the meeting that it is expected that environmental remediation industries such as soil remediation and groundwater remediation will be The 13th five year plan has become the direction of further development of the environmental protection industry

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