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Founder Futures: the international financial market was volatile, and Shanghai fuel oil fell by the limit after the holiday. During the National Day holiday, the international financial market was volatile, and the US dollar rose 3.445 points a week, or more than 4%. Under the pressure of a strong dollar, the price of crude oil fell sharply, falling by $13.85 to 92.8. DuPont has won many honors in the field of biomaterials in the past year, with a decrease of nearly 13%. Affected by this, the domestic fuel oil futures contract in each month after the holiday fell by the limit at the opening, and the short positions increased significantly. The main contract 0812 closed with 11471 orders, which made the Bulls afraid, resulting in the trading volume of the main contract being only 396. Last week, the United States released several important economic data, including industrial and labor data, which fell more than expected. These data reflect the deterioration of the U.S. economy, so they are solid particles on the macro level. Therefore, even though the U.S. Congress passed the $700billion rescue plan, there is still insufficient confidence in the market to go long. At present, the bearish market makes it possible for electronic products to make further progress in their inherent reliability during the description and development period, and there is still room for crude oil prices to fall. In the short term, Shanghai oil continued to be bearish, but the market system risk increased, and investors are advised to participate cautiously

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