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Based on the advantages of power equipment manufacturing, Shanghai Electric is committed to exploring the global market

with the further development of society, the global demand for energy is increasing day by day, and the development and development of new energy has become the primary social issue of global common concern. In this context, energy related companies will face greater opportunities and challenges. According to relevant reports, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the investment in the national power industry will reach 5.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 68% over the 11th five year plan. As one of the leaders in the domestic comprehensive equipment manufacturing industry, Shanghai Electric has made frequent moves recently. According to its 2010 annual report, the company has made breakthroughs in wind power, nuclear power and other industries. In the interview, Fu Rong, the Secretary of the board of directors of Shanghai Electric, said that the company would expand its domestic market share based on the manufacturing advantages of nuclear power, wind power and other power equipment, and strive to expand the international market, so as to realize the construction of an international comprehensive power equipment manufacturing enterprise during the 12th Five Year Plan period

breakthrough in the development of nuclear power equipment

according to the display, Shanghai Electric achieved a large increase in revenue and net profit in 2010. Among them, the company's third-generation nuclear power AP1000 has made a major breakthrough, and has signed a nuclear power supply order for four Taohuajiang units. At the end of the reporting period, the company's orders for nuclear island equipment in hand have exceeded 19billion yuan

according to the senior management of Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Electric will focus on developing four core business sectors: new energy, efficient and clean energy, industrial equipment and modern service industry in the future, and its profitability will be significantly improved. Despite the radiation leakage of Fukushima nuclear power plant caused by the Japanese earthquake, under the general trend of global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the implementation of its demonstration implementation plan for the utilization of bio based material products before the safety assurance, nuclear energy is an irreplaceable and efficient energy, and its market is expected to continue to grow in the future. With the market paying more attention to the safety of nuclear power, as a supplier of the most advanced nuclear power equipment and technology, Shanghai Electric will become the ultimate beneficiary

offshore wind power projects are progressing smoothly

China has always been regarded as the only offshore wind power market outside Europe that will have rapid development before 2020. According to the plan of the Chinese government, it is estimated that the installed capacity of offshore wind power in China will reach 5million kW by the end of 2015 and 30million kW by the end of 2020

recently, Shanghai Electric won the Dongtai 200MW project. According to the analysis of insiders, Shanghai Electric announced in 2009 that it would develop 3.6MW offshore wind turbines with additional issuance funds. Now it seems that this layout of the company has achieved results. It is learned that Shanghai Electric 3.6MW offshore wind turbine will be offline in Lingang heavy equipment base in July this year to check the setting of electronic universal testing machine system. The industry believes that Shanghai Electric (70 ℃) will benefit from this. The installed capacity of Shanghai Electric last year did not exceed the 200MW offshore wind power project in Dongtai, which will have a positive impact on the company's performance

seek strategic cooperation to achieve complementarity and progress

in terms of strategic cooperation, recently, Shanghai Electric signed a joint venture contract with Shanghai electric power, and both sides jointly funded the establishment of Shanghai electric transmission and distribution equipment Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the joint venture is 2billion yuan, of which Shanghai Electric contributed 1billion yuan in cash, accounting for 50% of the equity. The joint venture will be consolidated by Shanghai Electric

it is understood that it should be adjusted in time. The establishment of the joint venture will focus on the development of emerging industries such as UHV equipment, new energy access, energy storage equipment and its control system, electric vehicle power batteries and charging and replacing systems, with the goal of meeting the needs of the new generation of smart power systems and energy conservation and environmental protection

in the interview, Fu Rong also said to Shanghai Electric that while based at home, it is also committed to implementing the internationalization strategy and striving to expand the development of overseas businesses. Data show that in five years, Shanghai Electric contracted projects have been distributed to India, Vietnam and other countries and regions, and are further developing to relatively developed countries

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