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Shanghai guida company launched new materials for thermal insulation function

recently, Shanghai guida Hydraulic System Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new monaris fiber if these dust enters the universal machine. It is reported that the fiber is fluffy, soft, elastic and feels smooth. As an ideal replacement material, it adopts hollow core cross-section structure and adds far-infrared nano materials, which has both hollow heat insulation and far-infrared heat reflection and health care functions, so as to maximize the thermal insulation effect of the product

according to the introduction, this fiber is widely used in the fields of cotton spinning, woolen spinning and semi worsted spinning. It can not only be pure spun into yarn, but also be blended with cotton, wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, viscose, soybean fiber, milk fiber, etc. It has broad application prospects in the fields of thermal underwear, woolen sweaters, socks, shirts, trouser materials and so on

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