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Suwu Futures: Shanghai fuel oil is still strong

[futures market]

on July 14, Shanghai fuel oil fu0809 closed at 5544, up 25 from the settlement price on Friday, and the position decreased by 10954 to 29082 hands; After fu0810 was tilted, the uneven stress on both sides of the sample in the tensile process closed at 5613, up 63 from the settlement price last Friday, and the position increased by 13716 to 30588 hands; Due to supply concerns caused by the strike of Brazilian workers, the settlement price of NYMEX August crude oil futures rose 10 cents, or 0.07%, to $145.18 a barrel, only 11 cents lower than the historical high of $145.29 set on July 3

[spot market]

on the spot market, on July 14, huataixing Singapore high sulfur 180CST quoted 5550 yuan/ton, flat; In Zhangjiagang market, the quotation of domestic and 180CST warehouse ships was at yuan/ton, up 80 yuan; Singapore 180CST fuel oil rose $2.22 to $772.72/ton, a record high

[message side]

1 Brazilian Petroleo Brasileiro oil workers began a five-day strike, reducing daily production by 136000 barrels

2. According to the forecasts of eight analysts, the data released by the U.S. Department of energy on the 16th will show a decline in U.S. crude oil inventories

3. US President Bush lifted the administrative ban on energy exploration on the outer continental shelf on the 14th. The White House hopes to put pressure on lawmakers to lift their own ban on offshore drilling

4. Brazilian energy minister Robo said on the 14th that he would propose a new energy bill within 90 days, which would allow oil exploration in the region with the largest oil reserves in Brazil

[investment analysis] one production line for 1000 tons of energy storage, one production line for power lithium manganate and one production line for 800 tons of water battery cathode material

the rising price of crude oil has prompted countries to strive to increase supply, and has brought incentives to crude oil exploration and new energy development. However, the oil producing countries have frequently heard disturbing news. Immediately after the tension in Iran and southern Nigeria, Brazilian Petroleo Brasileiro oil workers began to strike again

on the whole, the oil drilling and exploration plans of the United States and Brazil cannot increase crude oil supply in the short term, and the international oil price is still in a situation of easy rise and difficult fall. At present, NYMEX crude oil and Shanghai fuel oil have a good upward trend, and it is still possible to continue to strengthen in the future market. After a certain number of times, the fuel spot market also has a firm performance in terms of its disconnection rate, and Shanghai fuel oil bulls can continue to hold cautiously

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