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Shanghai Gauss is willing to serve the domestic newspaper industry

before the 6th five year plan, the printing of newspapers in China basically adopted the sudden printing process. Since the 6th five year plan, a few of the same newspaper printing plants have used offset printing, but the sudden printing process still accounts for about 90% of the whole newspaper printing. The domestic newspaper printing was changed from sudden printing to offset printing after the domestic newspaper offices successfully tried out the computer laser Chinese character large newspaper typesetting system. At that time, the market demand of domestic newspaper printers showed a straight-line upward trend. In the five years from 1988 to 1993 alone, 1800 newspaper printing plants at the prefecture and county levels in all provinces and cities across the country have successively eliminated typography. In the years after 1993, the domestic recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer group. The newspaper industry has imported a large number of web offset printing machines, and the major large newspapers and some medium-sized cities in the economically developed coastal areas have the ability of offset printing. The domestic newspaper printing machine market has the following characteristics:

1. Small and medium-sized newspaper printing plants need a large number of web offset printing machines to replace the obsolete web projection printing machines. The newspaper industry needs a certain number of web offset presses to fill the market demand

2. The newspaper adopts offset printing technology to buckle, which has achieved the effect of both pictures and texts. Due to the simple offset plate making process, the publishing cycle is shortened. With the popularity of offset printing newspapers, the variety and printing volume of domestic newspapers have doubled, and the market demand for equipment has increased

3. Many newspapers have gradually expanded their editions and began to print color newspapers. There is a problem of insufficient production capacity of equipment, and equipment needs to be added. Some factories only produce two large sheets of salacona's discreet and elegant matte quality, which has been loved by many women's clothing brands. To produce threeorfour sheets of newspaper, it must be printed separately, which adds trouble to the distribution. Only by expanding the combination of equipment, can threeorfour sheets of newspaper be produced

4. It is expected that the newspaper industry will continue to develop in the direction of expanding pages and increasing color newspapers in the future

for newspaper printer manufacturers, the above characteristics undoubtedly provide us with business opportunities. In the past two years, Shanghai Gauss company has done the following work to repay the care of new and old users

1. improve and improve the design performance of SSC series roll offset press module to better meet the functional requirements of users for the equipment. SSC web offset press is a product manufactured by our company during the 6th Five Year Plan period by introducing the technology of American Gauss company. After the joint venture with Gauss company of the United States, we introduced technology again and developed it in combination with the needs of the domestic market, so that SSC series machines have small volume, light weight, strong rigidity and flexible combination performance. At present, more than 30000 printing units have been put into use in the world. Large newspaper printing plants can use it as auxiliary equipment for printing supplements and 2 gifts, while medium and small newspaper printing plants can use it as the main equipment for printing color newspapers and expanded edition printing. After the improvement of the design, the operation, maintenance and service of SSC series printing machines are easier, the degree of automation is higher, and the control system is more stable and reliable. It consists of the following units, which can be combined by users according to their needs

1) SSC community printing unit. Horizontal 4-Roll arrangement, vertical paper feeding, unit self-contained paper supply rack, and transmission between units can assume that tissue engineering will enter the field of nursing and treatment through the influence of 3D printing in the near future. The combined number of units is determined according to the requirements of the number of editions and printing colors to be issued by the user. It can meet the printing requirements of black-and-white newspaper, red cover newspaper and color newspaper

2) ssc-b-b printing unit. Without paper holder. The 4 rollers are arranged horizontally and the paper is fed vertically. Generally, it can form a two-layer, three-layer or four layer tower printing unit to meet the printing requirements of various color numbers and plate numbers. Each floor is equipped with a registration compensation device, which can accurately overprint multi-color printing

3) SSC - UOP printing unit. The satellite printing unit is arranged horizontally with 7 rollers, and the common embossing cylinder is wrapped with rubber blanket, which has the printing function of 3/0 and 2/1

4) folding machine unit. There are 3-roll structure and 2-roll structure. The former is used for express and the latter is used for folding. After further improving the design, its working speed can be increased to 35000 sheets per line hour (with a newspaper receiving roller) and 30000 sheets per line hour (without a newspaper receiving roller); There are single-layer and double-layer folding triangle plates

5) electrical control system. Adopt advanced imported components, including buttons, indicator lights, relays, contacts and other low-voltage electrical appliances. Ink tracking, printing program speed and deceleration are all directly controlled by PLC internal program. The main motor speed regulation system is a full digital reversible control device imported from Britain, and all parameters are determined internally in the form of man-machine dialogue. In addition to basic functions such as whistle, inching, speed increase, deceleration and parking, it also has automatic printing function, which can automatically complete pressure closing, water transmission and over wetting, so that the inking sequence can enter the normal printing state. After printing, just press the s stop button once, and the machine will automatically slow down, and separate one by one according to the sequence of ink transfer, ink glue, water transfer and pressure release until it stops automatically

6) paper feeding department. There are two kinds of structures, one is a double arm rotary paper holder, and the other is a zero speed paper holder. Users can choose according to their own needs

7) supporting devices. There are imported paper feeding device, drying device and cooling device, which are matched with SSc web printer, so that it can meet the printing requirements of commercial prints

since all the key parts of the machine are imported, the quality and supporting level are improved on the whole, which can meet the different needs of large, medium and small newspaper printing plants

2. Over the past six years, the company has done a lot of work in the establishment and implementation of product quality management and quality assurance system. It has obtained ISO9001 quality certification, and the reliability of products has been significantly improved

3. In terms of service, the company has strengthened technical training for users. The service department has a special museum, where professional workers give lectures, train the structural performance, production function, operation adjustment, maintenance and other skills of the equipment, and provide the trainees with equipment technical manuals and operation and maintenance videos

the cutting size of SSC web offset press is 546mm, the maximum diameter of web is 1000mm, and the maximum printing capacity is 30000-35000 sheets/hour. After different combinations, one 1/1, 2/1, 2/2, 4/2, 4/1, 4/4 folio can be printed to visually display the test results to the user report, and two 1/1 folio reports or three 1/1 folio reports can also be printed

after the joint venture with Gauss, since the first SSC web offset press was put on the market in April 1997, nearly 35 users have purchased this type of machine. Shanghai Gauss company has made all preparations for the needs of the current domestic web offset press market, and will serve users with the greatest enthusiasm, because it is our purpose to maximize customer satisfaction

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