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South Guangdong Futures: Shanghai fuel oil rose in a volatile manner, and the volume of transactions

NYMEX crude oil futures fell overnight. The US dollar continued to rise last Friday due to the rise of the US dollar, Saudi Arabia's production increase expectations and OPEC's downward demand expectations. From the recent trend of the US dollar, the US dollar index showed a volatile rise. In addition, CPI in the United States region continued to rise, and the US dollar was expected to raise interest rates. OPEC's battery is composed of lithium-ion batteries, Saudi Arabia's expected increase in production and the reduction of oil demand in 2008 have put pressure on oil prices. The possible benefits in the short term are chevron workers' strike and the geopolitical conflict between Israel and Iraq. In short, oil prices are expected to remain high in the short term, but once the US dollar forms an upward trend, oil prices are likely to fall sharply

on Monday, Shanghai's fuel oil closed up in a volatile manner. Fu809 opened slightly lower in the morning than yesterday's close, opened low at the beginning of the session and went high. The highest in the morning was 5216, and then the futures price surged and fell. In the afternoon, it remained on the front line and fluctuated back and forth, ending at 5183, up 29 points. The volume of transactions and positions was increased due to the change of month. Today, Shanghai fuel oil ended higher in shock, as the contract changed month and the market expectation was good, and there was some cooperation in terms of transaction and position. As the original customers of the outer market wanted to test the materials, the domestic refined oil will face upward pressure as a new generation of materials, so the market confidence is relatively sufficient, and it is expected that there is still some room for growth. Operation suggestions, multi order holding

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