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After providing 2billion loans, Shanghai Electric plans to provide another 4billion guarantee line for tianwo technology

according to the announcement of Shanghai Electric () last night, the board of directors of the company has agreed that Shanghai Electric has provided 4billion yuan guarantee line for tianwo Technology () to issue corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds, ultra short-term financing bonds, borrowings from related parties Various financing and other matters applied to various financial institutions including banks. The board of directors of Shanghai Electric believes that the granting of this guarantee limit will help improve the financing capacity of tianwo technology and support its further business

in this month, trapezoidal lead screw Shanghai Electric obtained a total of 15% equity of tianwo technology by participating in the private placement of tianwo technology and accepting equity transfer. At the same time, Shanghai Electric also signed the voting rights entrustment agreement with chenyuzhong, the former major shareholder of tianwo technology, and obtained the voting rights corresponding to 131290074 shares of tianwo technology held by Chen Yuzhong (accounting for 14.87% of the total share capital of the company). After the completion of the transaction, Shanghai Electric obtained a total of 29.87% of the voting rights of the company and became the new controlling shareholder of tianwo technology

in fact, since Shanghai Electric will become the controlling shareholder of tianwo technology, it has previously agreed to provide a loan of 2billion yuan to tianwo technology for production and operation. This time, it will provide a guarantee limit of 4billion yuan. PP materials must have anti tacking properties, indicating that Shanghai Electric is strengthening its support for tianwo technology

tianwo technology has recently frequently announced the signing of major orders and other benefits, showing a strong momentum in business development. Just a week ago, it signed a large order of 1.848 billion yuan with Dongguan yuewan new energy to undertake the first 9F gas turbine project, marking that it is carried out in a direct reading way, which shows the industry's full recognition of the comprehensive strength such as the design ability and EPC project management level of CMEC power, and has important strategic significance for CMEC to further expand the field of gas turbine engineering; In the field of high-end manufacturing, the first set of domestic Hualong No.1 safety injection tank head suppressed by the subsidiary Zhang Huaji was also successfully delivered, marking that Zhang Huaji has accumulated successful experience in the suppression of nuclear safety injection tank head, and has made another solid step into the domestic nuclear power field

some analysts believe that the business development continues to improve and the order volume increases rapidly by 6 With the establishment of 16 offices in key cities such as Shenyang, Changchun, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Taiyuan, Wuhan, etc., the demand for working capital of tianwo technology has also increased significantly, while the 2billion yuan loan and 4billion yuan guarantee line provided by Shanghai Electric will provide strong support for the business expansion of tianwo technology

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