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Turkish power plants will first use the latest fuel energy-saving technology of GE company

GE company of the United States recently announced that enka power company of Turkey will become the first customer in the world to use its latest turbine fuel energy-saving technology

the efficiency of two important power plants of enka company in Turkey will be improved. Efficiency improvement will help the company meet new energy standards and improve efficiency and productivity

this project marks the launch of the latest 9FA turbomachine cooling optimization kit developed by GE. This kit can improve the efficiency of turbomachinery by more than 1%, and enka's fuel consumption per kilowatt hour of power generation will be greatly reduced. After the completion of the project, the improved efficiency is enough to provide electricity for 150000 Turkish households. GE's energy-saving technology will reduce carbon emissions per megawatt of each turbomachine by more than 1%

the new turbomachine kit used by Turkey enka power company is part of GE's plan to continue to introduce F-class turbomachines and combined cycle power plants to the world to meet customers' needs to improve the efficiency and flexibility of power plants when the load can no longer rise

GE has provided enka power company with 10 sets of 9FA turbomachines in 2000, and the units operated in 2002 and 2003 provided 3.83 million kW power to Turkey power. Among the 10 9FA turbomachines, the upgraded suite of 6 will be completed in 200, focusing on the outstanding problems faced by the industry in 8 years, and the remaining 4 will be completed in 2009

with the support of cimtas, a subsidiary of enka, Ge provided five complete upgrade kit components. At the same time, the company is installing an upgraded version of the mark*vie control system to further enhance the operating capacity of the turbine unit. The Markv processor can make great achievements after all, and the business will be upgraded to the new markve control system. It can improve the comprehensive capacity of operating units and reduce fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions

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