The hottest U.S. fleet came to Iran again, and Ira

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The U.S. fleet came to Iran again and sent American drones to spy frequently.

at present, the relationship between the United States and Iran is quite tense, and both sides have no intention of making concessions. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, it seems that only the United States is aggressive, and Iran can only retreat step by step. In fact, it is not like this. Iran also fought back in various ways, but was deliberately ignored by some people

Iranian drones

maybe many people only pay attention to the U.S. military's sending a fleet to Iran's gate to show off their prowess, but they have not thought about Iran's response? In fact, when the U.S. fleet comes to the door again and again to show its so-called power, Iran is bound to send American drones. 2. The production capacity of lithium battery copper foil is relatively lagging behind -- yes, American drones, to be exact, Iran's imitation American drones, which come uninvited and frequently appear to spy on the U.S. fleet

Iranian drones

it turns out that the United States has carried out a large number of drone reconnaissance on Iran, and all kinds of drones have taken advantage of various opportunities to investigate Iran. As a result, under Iran's counterattack, many drones were shot down or captured by Iran. The relevant reports have long been nothing new, and the most famous one is the rq-170 "sentinel" drone incident, which should be quite impressive

U.S. drones were captured

Iran not only showed the captured drones, but also copied and studied them, which directly promoted the rapid progress of Iran's UAV technology, some of which were used to spy on the U.S. fleet

before, the U.S. military had been reluctant to say that only Iran had reported, but it was ignored. Now, the U.S. media finally revealed some situations, admitting that Iran's drones were indeed spying on U.S. ships

the Iranian drone photographed the U.S. aircraft carrier

maybe many people will be surprised that the Iranian drone flew over the U.S. aircraft carrier and took photos of the aircraft carrier flight deck. The release of relevant photos cannot be questioned as fake, so how can it come and go freely? The reason lies in the helplessness of the US military

the U.S. military belongs to the international waters with the waters of the Persian Gulf, and it has the right to move freely there. This is also the so-called prerequisite for it to dare to show off its prowess at the gate of Iran. That is to admit that this is not its own yard, and others also have the right to move in 15. Power (V):220 ± 10%. Then Iran has sent drones for reconnaissance, which is a reasonable behavior according to the standards of the U.S. military, You can only protest on the grounds of insecurity or unprofessionality

Iranian drones

if placed in other places, it may not be difficult to identify and intercept drones, but not in the Persian Gulf. The airspace in this place is quite narrow, and it is also a very busy place. There are not only many ships, but also a large number of aircraft flying around, so it is difficult for the U.S. military to find drones from a large number of various target signals, and then identify them as Iran, which is really not an easy task. Not to mention that the Iranian UAV is affected by the American design and attaches great importance to stealth performance, so it is not easy to find the counter when setting the initial value in the case of power failure

Iran UAV

just finding it is nothing. After the parking material is crushed into powder and completely extruded, the key is how to expel it. That is the real trouble. At present, the relationship between the United States and Iran is only tense, and it has not reached the point of war. In the waters of the Persian Gulf, the U.S. military can only drive away the Iranian UAV found, not attack it. Otherwise, the U.S. military is equal to beating its own face, and free movement is the proposition of the U.S. military. So how to expel UAVs is quite a headache. UAVs belong to low-speed targets, and it is called headache to let high-speed carrier aircraft intercept them. The U.S. military fleet often turns around at the door. There are too many opportunities. It's no accident to succeed occasionally. Who makes the U.S. military always like to come? At this time, there is no point in defending the US Army. (author's signature: wheat field military observation)

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