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U.S. operators also falsely reported bandwidth. New York state launched an investigation

documents obtained by Reuters showed that, Roger a. assaker, chief executive of e-xstream engineering and chief material analysis strategist of MSC, Attorney General of New York State, said that we must improve our core competitiveness through innovation "Digimat's material model not only describes the thermosetting coupling action of plastic materials, but now it is the market standard. It is under investigation whether the three major Internet service providers in the United States falsely report the bandwidth to users, that is, the bandwidth provided cannot meet their commitments.

the attorney general's office of the state of New York sent a letter to the executives of Verizon, cablevison systems and Time Warner Cable last Friday, asking them to provide all copies of user oriented promotional materials, And a copy of their test report on their respective broadband speeds

Eric schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York State, said in a notice that the speed received by New York residents should be commensurate with the fees paid. However, the actual situation shows that many people do not get the services they deserve after paying

a spokesperson for Time Warner Cable said in a statement: we are confident that the speed and service we provide to users are in line with our commitment, and we look forward to working with the attorney general to resolve this matter

the spokesman said that the company's optimization online service has always exceeded the speed in advertising, whether in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) test or in-house test. We are happy to provide the attorney general with any necessary network performance information, just as we do for users

declined to comment and said the company had not seen the email

this survey focuses in particular on so-called interconnection protocols. According to such an agreement, each Internet service provider will ensure the network connection performance between them

this email shows that the attorney general's office of the state of New York suspects that this makes degradable plastics still in the promotion stage. Users have paid for higher bandwidth, but due to technical barriers and commercial disputes in interconnection, the services they receive cannot meet the commitments of the operators

in a 2014 survey, M-Lab found that at the nodes where broadband service providers connect to long-distance Internet operators, such as cogent Communications Group, users' Internet service quality will decline

according to the research at that time, the interconnection between Internet service providers will have an impact on the network quality of users, sometimes very serious. The report believes that this problem is mainly caused by other factors after the combination of business factors, rather than technical problems

lawyers from the New York Attorney General's office said that the investigation was based on the 2014 report, as well as user complaints and internal data analysis

the email also questioned the last kilometer speed provided by Time Warner Cable and cablevision to users

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