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The United States may wield the stick of the clean energy trade war

China's Ministry of Commerce: it will safeguard its rights and interests in accordance with the WTO rules

Kirk, the U.S. trade representative, said on October 15 that it would launch a 301 investigation into China's subsidies to its clean energy industry at the request of the United Steelworkers' Federation of America. The survey will cover China's wind, solar, battery and energy-saving automobile industries

the head of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China issued a statement on this, saying that the accusation of the United Steelworkers' Federation of America against China's clean energy related policies that first set the range to "auto" mode is groundless and irresponsible. The office of the United States trade representative accepted the application who transferred early and launched the 301 investigation, sending the wrong signal of trade protectionism to the outside world. China believes that any trade measures and practices of the United States must strictly abide by the rules of the world trade organization, and China will safeguard its legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the rules of the world trade organization

the United States set off a clean energy trade dispute

the United Steelworkers' Federation is one of the largest trade unions in the United States. On September 9 this year, the Federation filed a complaint with the office of the United States trade representative, saying that the subsidy measures taken by China to support its clean energy sector were non market subsidies, which would violate the relevant provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO), artificially reduce the price of China's clean energy products, thus impacting the relevant industries in the United States and causing unemployment. In addition, relevant Chinese products exported to the United States enjoy the relevant taxes paid by American taxpayers to support the development of domestic clean energy

it is reported that the Obama administration plans to complete the relevant investigation within 90 days. If the relevant complaint is proved to be justified, the U.S. government may seek bilateral cooperation with China to negotiate with all experimental machine manufacturers, and may file a lawsuit against China with the WTO

China needs to actively respond to

Chen Hang, chairman of Meifu Energy Co., Ltd., believes that although this lawsuit was filed by the United Steelworkers' Federation of America, it does not rule out the support of other clean energy organizations in the United States, and it is closely related to the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States. He believed that relevant domestic associations should come forward and hire local professional institutions to defend

Li Junfeng, Secretary General of the renewable energy special committee of the China Association for the comprehensive utilization of resources, believes that the nearly 6000 page litigation document shows that the relevant parties have been preparing for this lawsuit for at least one year. Because China's clean energy includes not only renewable energy fields such as solar energy and wind power, but also nuclear power, clean coal and other industries, covering a wide range, both at the government level and the enterprise level, Should pay full attention to this matter

analysts believe that the reason for the dissatisfaction of the United States is that China's clean energy industry has caught up with and surpassed the United States. At present, China has become the largest exporter of photovoltaic module equipment in the world, and more than 90% of photovoltaic products are exported to international shopping malls such as Europe and the United States. In the field of wind power, the global wind energy council even predicted that China would overtake the United States to become the world's largest wind power market by the end of 2011

relevant industries may be impacted

British New Energy Finance Statistics show that in California, the most important solar energy market in the United States, the market share of photovoltaic modules produced by Chinese enterprises in the first quarter of this year was 42%, surpassing other American and European enterprises. Therefore, if the United States starts a clean energy trade lawsuit, it will have a great impact on the domestic photovoltaic module manufacturing and upstream crystalline silicon production enterprises

in the field of wind turbine equipment manufacturing, at present, only a few enterprises sell prototypes to overseas markets, and entering the international market is still in the stage of strategic planning as a whole. At the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference held a few days ago, Sinovel, the leading domestic complete machine manufacturer, plans to achieve a market share of overseas sales of 30% - 50% of the total sales in the next five years. Goldwind technology also has a similar plan. It has begun to set up a company in the United States. In the early stage, three 1.5 MW wind turbines have successfully completed the control of the experimental process, which is realized through the automatic control of single-chip microcomputer. Although the relevant principals of the above-mentioned wind power enterprises said that the United States is not the whole of its global market strategy, analysts believe that as the world's largest wind power market, if the United States takes trade protection measures for China's clean energy exports in the future, it will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on the export strategy of domestic wind power enterprises

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