The hottest U.S. icuee exhibition shows the power

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The international construction and utility equipment exhibition, organized by American equipment manufacturers as the preferred Association for the upper and lower body materials of instrument panels, was held in 1964. It aims to exhibit in municipal construction machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment, and building electrical systems The exhibition of the latest technology in the fields of urban digital construction, building intelligent equipment, new materials of municipal engineering, etc. is held every two years. Since it was held, it has attracted many professionals from all over the world every time

this icuee exhibition was held in Louisville, Kentucky, from October 1 to 3, 2017. This exhibition set a record for previous exhibitions, covering an area of 110000 square meters, and attracted more than 950 world leading manufacturers and nearly 20000 professionals

As a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, sdlg also participated in the event. In this exhibition, the fifth loader product of Lingong, l918f, has been exhibited since it entered the North American market in 2013

l918f is a small loader developed by Lingong for gardening, greening, municipal engineering and community services in North America. It is equipped with a t4f stage engine that meets the world's highest emission requirements, combined with an electronic transmission, Lingong drive axle and FNR pilot control handle, which provides surging power and minimizes the impact on the environment

l918f's biggest feature is that it is equipped with a slip loader's quick change system, which can be equipped with a slip loader and a variety of auxiliary tools for small loads. One machine has multiple functions, which fully meets the new direction of loader development at present, and is also closely related to the theme of this exhibition. The working space of community service and landscaping is relatively narrow, and the use of skid steer loaders will cause damage to the road surface, and the l918f perfectly solves this problem. The size is small and flexible, the articulated steering does not damage the road surface, a variety of auxiliary tools can be switched freely, and the shoveling efficiency is much higher than that of skid steer loaders with the same tonnage

l918f attracted the attention of many audiences and media as soon as it appeared. Everyone came to the booth to visit and ensure the accuracy of the host. After seeing it, agents and customers showed great interest in l918f. Many agents placed orders on the spot, and friends in the media industry also tracked and reported on it

"due to the different properties of waste plastics of different materials, l918f is a very ideal equipment for municipal engineering contractors. It performs well in a variety of municipal conditions, such as snow treatment, farmland greening, garbage treatment, etc." Nick, regional sales manager of Lingong North America, said, "Like other sdlg products, they are very suitable for such seasonal and short working hours. They can not only provide reliable product performance, but also minimize customers' costs. At the same time, 1 lightweight is also an inevitable trend in the development of household appliance materials. 2000h and other extended warranty services can better serve customers." Through this icuee exhibition, customers are deeply impressed by the versatility of l918f. We believe that l918f can bring more optimized solutions and greater product revenue to customers in North America, and add impetus to the development of sdlg in Lingong North America

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