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Ericsson and quanta are committed to promoting cloud industrialization in the world. Ericsson has reached a strategic partnership with quanta computer, the world's leading hardware manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. The two sides will jointly expand the design, development and manufacturing of next-generation data center solutions based on Ericsson's super large-scale data center system hds8000

in order to further accelerate the popularity of next-generation data center solutions, Ericsson has joined the OCP project as a platinum member, committed to expanding the hardware design of data center solutions. Ericsson will contribute the latest OCP design to continue to maintain its leadership and promote the popularity of the open specification Intel rack level architecture

with the help of Guangda 3 Relative humidity: 80% brain 1. With the cooperation of new experimental records, Ericsson will expand its product portfolio and launch electronic server and rack options on the basis of existing optical transmission solutions. The expanded product portfolio can adopt the existing design, and will also be used in OCP design in the future. All design and component substitution modules can be controlled and managed through a single general software control layer, so as to realize continuous management improvement and insight analysis, and prepare plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials for future automation and machine learning opportunities

in addition, Ericsson will explore how to rely on its existing global service capabilities to provide services to Ericsson's customers and Quanta's customers

Mike Yang, senior vice president and general manager of Guangda computer company, said: we are very happy to cooperate with Ericsson on this project. Ericsson has highly recognized advanced technology and service delivery capabilities, which will be an important foundation for the global expansion of cloud product architecture. Ericsson has established the most widely distributed infrastructure in the world, serving more than 180 countries and regions around the world. We will work with Ericsson to bring open, agile and proven solutions to the market with the help of hds8000 platform and open computing standards

Coreybell, CEO of the open compute project, said: we warmly welcome Ericsson to become a platinum member of OCP. We believe that Ericsson's leadership and rich industry expertise are in line with our vision of bringing efficiency, flexibility and scalability to the IT infrastructure. The alliance of Ericsson will further promote the development of OCP ecological cooperation system and help accelerate the innovation speed of the industry

Jason Waxman, vice president of Intel and general manager of cloud platform business department, said: the exciting partnership between Ericsson and Quanta enables Ericsson to promise to continue to expand the provision of software definition architecture solutions in the future. With the help of Intel's technology, best practices of open computing projects and Intel's rack level architecture, the super large-scale data center system hds8000 will promote the implementation of scalable solutions, connecting billions of terminals around the world

through the cooperation with Guangda and becoming a platinum member of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China (MIIT) who will continue to formulate and issue a series of industrial promotion policies and measures CP from this year, Ericsson is accelerating its support for customers' journey towards 5g and IOT industrial Digitalization, delivering first-class solutions based on its mature technology and services, and making full use of Guangda's position as a leading supplier in the IT industry to achieve the above goals

Howard Wu, vice president of Ericsson and head of software definition architecture business department, said: we are extremely cautious about the choice of strategic partners. Guangda's excellent engineering technology and its contribution to OCP make us clearly realize that Guangda is leading in technological innovation and breakthrough. We need to create a software definition architecture with scalability and automation capabilities, and Guangda and Ericsson have the same thinking and motivation to promote the realization of this goal

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