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The United States plans to build domestic high-speed rail or not import technology from China and Japan. The Christian Science Monitor published an article on February 19, saying that although Budd and Pullman had built a large number of comfortable and luxurious locomotives for American railway companies decades ago, the United States has fallen behind Europe, Japan and China in the development of high-speed rail. In order to narrow the gap, President Obama spent $8billion in the economic stimulus plan to develop high-speed railways in 13 regions of the United States. Although there are rumors that the United States will import high-speed rail technology from China and Japan, some established locomotive manufacturing companies in the United States have quietly begun to formulate R & D and production increase plans. Several companies have announced plans to launch high-speed trains

last Thursday, American railway locomotive industries (Ameri has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range, long service life, etc.) and Columbus announced the establishment of a joint venture company specializing in the production of high-speed bullet trains and related auxiliary equipment. Barry Fromm, the CEO of the newly established joint venture, said in a subsequent written statement: our goal is to establish our own high-speed rail car production base in the United States, and the bullet trains running on the high-speed rail line in the United States will be manufactured in the United States

on the same day, Siemens America announced that it would purchase a new 20 acre land in Sacramento, California, for plant expansion, and planned to put into operation a high-speed bullet train with a running speed of more than 220 miles/hour

Oliver hauck, President of Siemens USA, said: Siemens' purpose is not to avoid the possibility of pores in the sheath due to the effect of moisture (or moisture surrounding the cushion). It is only to show the most advanced high-speed rail technology to the United States, but to produce bullet trains in the United States

in fact, as early as two months ago, the American industrial giant General Electric Company (GE) announced that it would build the next generation of high-speed motor train units, with a running speed of 124 miles/hour. The company is currently cooperating with the Ministry of Railways of China in the research and development of all electric driven high-speed rail cars

the Christian Science Monitor article said that at least 80% of the high-speed rail cars purchased by American railroads are all from domestic companies in the United States, and the assembly of imported parts will also be completed in the United States

Thomas Simpson, an analyst at the railway supply institute, an industry research institution headquartered in Washington, told the Christian rice husk powder monitor: since the 1950s, the U.S. government and related companies have significantly insufficient investment in the research and development of railway locomotives. He said: the long-term insufficient investment has seriously lagged behind the U.S. railway technology and supporting facilities. Now the U.S. government has realized the seriousness of the problem pointed out in the Abbott analysis

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