Special shaped Carton CAD splicing design process

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CAD assembly design process of special-shaped carton (Part 2)

2) assembly of box parts

when the box parts are assembled into a box, only one side of a box part is connected with another side of other box parts, and the graphics of the box cannot be uniquely determined. The box parts must be transformed (such as axisymmetric transformation, centrosymmetric transformation, rotation, displacement, etc.) Determine its relative position, etc. As long as the first part is determined, after each subsequent part is selected, whether it needs to be transformed and the distance between the end point of the part edge connected to the box piece and the start point of its connected edge can be determined in turn. Finally, the box piece graph can be uniquely determined

the following (4) belt and tension take Figure 5 (triangular column carton) as an example to briefly introduce the splicing process of box parts. (a) In order to transfer the bonding edges in the parts library, although these enterprises are leaders in the field of new materials in China, they need to carry out Y-axis symmetric transformation on (a) to get (b); (c) It refers to a part called out from the box and piece parts library. Move the part to join with the bonding edge; The part called in (c) is copied and assembled to obtain (d); (e) And (f) it is assembled by calling the box parts and flap parts in the parts library; Copy the wing parts called in (f) to get (g), then conduct X-axis symmetry, movement and positioning of the wing parts, and finally assemble them into (H). Change the corresponding indentation line to a dotted line

5 summary

the boxes and parts made in this paper are parameterized. Users can adjust the parameters of boxes and parts according to actual needs. To apply the splicing technology to the special-shaped box structure, some functions need to be added to meet their needs. In this CAD design system, users can not only store the spliced boxes in the box library according to their needs, but also directly call the boxes in the box library and modify them. The design method of assembling box pieces into box pieces not only reduces the complexity of the design of special-shaped boxes, but also can deal with each box surface separately, creating favorable conditions for the decoration design of cartons in the next step

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Author: luoguanglin, zhangxiaohui, Yu Jiang

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