Guodian Zhishen DCS system helps 600000 units of z

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Guodian Zhishen DCS system helped 600000 units of zhuangden power to win the gold medal of power generation reliability. On May 28, 2010, at the 2009 annual power reliability index conference jointly held by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission and the China power gb/t 9439 ⑵ 010 gray iron castings Association, the DCS system with independent intellectual property rights of Guodian Zhishen company was used to realize the main Unit 1 of Dalian Zhuanghe Power Generation Co., Ltd., which is controlled by auxiliary integration, was awarded the honorary title of 2009 national gold medal generating reliability unit, and became the only unit of Guodian Group Co., Ltd. that won this honor. It has once again verified the great success of the first technological progress demonstration project undertaken by Guodian Zhishen company to implement the opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, and also proved that the company has strong strength in the application of domestic DCS control system technology

it is reported that a total of 234 600000 kW units participated in the 600MW competition. The answer is obviously the former gold medal unit competition. According to the comprehensive data, the top ten units were selected as gold medal units. With the advantages of stable and reliable operation and excellent performance indicators in 2009, unit 1 of Zhuang Electric Power Co., Ltd. stood out among 234 600MW units nationwide, won the title of national 600MW gold medal unit for thermal power generation reliability in 2009 with a total score of 97.81, and ranked fourth among the ten gold medal units

Guodian Zhishen will take this as the driving force to make persistent efforts and strive to rely on advanced technology and high-quality services to help Guodian group produce more and better gold medal units


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