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The implementation of management practices by managers must be flawless

the implementation must be flawless

today's customers are becoming more and more smart. In order to meet their standards, the company must perform well in operation, but it is not easy to do so. Like the strategic management practices mentioned above, flawless implementation must rely on careful research, considerable intelligence, and continuous efforts. It must also be determined to abandon some old management stereotypes

the study of the evergreen program found that some management stereotypes have become obsolete. It is a well-known idea that the company should outsource the execution work as much as possible, but we find that the degree of business outsourcing is not related to the level of financial performance. The success of the company does not depend on the amount of technology investment, nor does it depend on the investment in systems such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management or customer relationship management. In addition, whether the company adopts the total quality management plan or other implementation oriented measures does not have much impact on the profitability

I. continue to provide products and services that meet customer expectations

the research results of the evergreen plan show that successful companies emphasize the skills of operation and execution, and strive to achieve the criterion of "meeting customer expectations". However, it should be noted that they do not deliberately provide perfect products and services

such research results are quite similar to some popular suggestions. We find that the products or services provided by "winners" are sometimes not particularly outstanding in terms of quality compared with their peers. Whether it is trying to provide the highest quality to please customers, or providing products that exceed customers' expectations, it is not a top priority. Because the product quality is not necessarily proportional to the benefits created: unless the company's strategic value proposition includes "Meiwan", providing the best quality will not bring lasting benefits to the company

however, the quality provided by "winners" can continue to meet customer expectations. More importantly, they rarely ask questions of poor quality. If the quality level of the product exceeds the needs and expectations of customers, most customers will not be able to distinguish it, and they just care about it. However, if the product quality is poor and the service level does not meet customers' expectations, all customers will feel it. Once this happens, customers' trust in the company will disappear

II. Authorize front-line employees to respond to customers' needs by not tightening the anchor nuts and starting the experimental machine.

people in the business community have always known that the moment when customers interact with the company's employees is of great importance and is closely related to the success or failure of the organization. Traditionally, managers have taken measures to this point: strictly control the front-line employees. They are required to report any unusual situation to their supervisor immediately. However, the research of evergreen plan found that successful enterprises now take different approaches. These companies understand that they must empower front-line employees to make decisions, and they must also provide training to help them make the right decisions

in a book published several years ago, Peter Drucker mentioned that different departments in the company need different organizational structures. For example, the management of foreign exchange risk must be fully centralized, while customer service needs almost complete autonomy, which is even far more than the traditional decentralization. He pointed out: "every service personnel must be the boss, and other people in the organization must cooperate with his instructions. "

III. continuously strive to improve productivity and eliminate all forms of redundancy and waste

the goal of this guideline is to make the operation and implementation perfect, continuously improve the system and deepen the process of environmental protection concept, attract excellent talents, and find out the waste and inefficiency. The evergreen plan shows that all successful enterprises abide by this principle.

successful enterprises understand that they cannot be completely flawless, Win over competitors at every level of operation. However, they will judge which processes should be adopted to best meet customer expectations, and then focus on resources and try not to complain about improving the efficiency and productivity of these processes


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