Guodian Zhishen DCS system was successfully applie

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Guodian Zhishen DCS system was successfully applied to Shenhua Guohua Power ultra supercritical thermal power unit for the first time. At 20:58 on August 30, 2011, the No. 1 ultra supercritical unit of Jiangsu Guohua Chenjiagang Power Plant Phase I (2 660MW) with Guodian Zhishen's domestic DCS system was put into commercial operation, It marks that the DCS system of Guodian Zhishen company made a major breakthrough in the promotion and application of large ultra supercritical thermal power units outside the system of Guodian group in 2013

the successful application of the DCS system of Guodian Zhishen company in this project strongly proves that the technical level of Guodian Zhishen in the automation control system of large power station equipment has begun to be recognized by other large power generation groups in China, and has taken a solid step in expanding the market of automation control system of large high-end power stations in China. It said that (2) the effective distance between the experimental machines indicates that the independent brand of Guodian Zhishen company has won another victory in the competition with foreign famous enterprises in the high-end field of industrial automatic control, which will certainly change the situation that the high-end market was unified by foreign brand automatic control systems in the past, and will have a far-reaching impact on the safety and development of the pillar industries of the national economy according to the needs of different customers


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