Guodian Nari signed a contract with Guangzhou powe

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On march25,2005, Guodian Nari Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong power supply company formally signed a contract on the dispatching automation system of Guangzhou power supply company (Zengcheng and Conghua), with a contract amount of about 20million yuan

the system is the largest regional dispatching automation system in China at present. It has the characteristics of dispatching and centralized control integration, and provides the functions of information layering, zoning, interval processing, protection information processing, operation error prevention and locking required by the centralized control system to ensure excellent performance in the harsh use of automobile sealing. What are the methods for good quality and low price? How to judge the quality of such equipment? What our engineers will teach you is the new panoramic PDR (accident inversion), which can completely repeat the round drum change process of all electrical components when the accident occurs, and provide help for the dispatcher to analyze the accident

linhuohua, deputy general manager of Guangzhou power supply company and min Tao, chairman of Guodian Nari, attended the signing ceremony. Both sides agreed that cooperation in the field of automation should be strengthened to push Guangzhou's power construction to a new height


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