The implementation of electronic supervision code

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The electronic supervision code will be implemented soon. The printing industry needs to adjust the equipment.

the electronic supervision code is a 20 digit number. It adopts a new technology that cannot be copied or counterfeited. Each product has a number. Therefore, the electronic supervision code can establish a "commodity security" to allow consumers to shop at ease

what are the requirements for printing enterprises for the printing of electronic supervision codes of one product and one label? The supervision code printing technology is mature, but at present, the technical equipment of some printing plants can not meet the supervision code printing of one product, one label. It is necessary to purchase digital printing equipment, or add auxiliary equipment on the basis of the original equipment. The traditional inkjet and auxiliary materials also do not meet the requirements of supervision code printing

the printing equipment applicable to electronic supervision code is generally between RMB 600000 and RMB 1000000. The configuration of these equipment will increase the infrastructure cost of printing enterprises. At present, due to the high price of supervision code printing equipment, in order to control the cost, it is a common practice in the industry to choose to upgrade the existing equipment and process

in addition, the printing of supervision code requires good ink adhesion and other properties, which will also increase the cost of auxiliary materials, and the printing of supervision code will increase the printing process and paper consumption, reduce the speed of traditional printing, change the mass production mode, thus reducing the average time production capacity of the enterprise, which will undoubtedly increase the production cost of the printing enterprise

although some professionals have calculated the theoretical data according to the professional printing organization, that is, the cost of printing the supervision code is between 0.001 yuan and 0.005 yuan. At present, the development of new chemical materials in China must see the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries, compared with the traditional investment method of 2 cents for each trademark printing cost from simple sales to OEM, if the printing cost of supervision code is added, Such cost increases are not negligible

although the printing of supervision code has many technical requirements and costs for printing enterprises, the implementation of electronic supervision code policy is both a pressure and a good opportunity for industrial transformation for the printing and packaging industry. At present, the continuous rise in the price of raw materials in the printing industry and the fierce competition among peers are prompting printing enterprises to develop towards high-end and diversified production technologies


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