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Special scheme for safety protection channel under the bridge identification and evaluation of major hazard installations there are major hazard installations of falling from height or object strike at the T-beam gap and bridge deck edges after the erection of T-beams of pengwu and Longqiao viaducts in the contract section and before the completion of bridge deck pavement

main countermeasures (see the table below)

sequence of hazard source control measures

eliminate hidden dangers, so that there are no hidden dangers in the equipment and working environment. Achieve intrinsic safety and make it impossible for employees 7 The oil pump plunger is rusted and exposed to hidden dangers. Or consider whether the following equipment can be used to reduce. If the pressure testing machine has errors, it will seriously affect the measurement results. If it is serious, it will bring a certain economic loss. Then eliminating the errors of the pressure testing machine can not but arouse everyone's attention It is worth noting that the error of the pressure testing machine is mainly caused by incorrect installation or friction of the pressure testing machine. Therefore, measures should be taken to eliminate the error mainly in these two aspects The following is to introduce a method to eliminate the error of pressure testing machine Risk: conventional ventilation or forced ventilation, protective fence, cover, isolation (mechanical, electrical), lighting, and enclosure

limit the number of people exposed to risks; Control contact time: carry out hazardous work at low activity frequency stage, such as weekends and evenings; Design workplace; Work rotation and shift change

it is used to specify the safe work system and reduce risks, such as work permit, checklist, operation manual, operation scheme, risk assessment method, work safety analysis, process drawing, etc

main control measures

it can be seen from the above table that item 4 is the main measure and item 6 should be used as auxiliary control measures. Namely, barriers are used to isolate hazard sources from operators, and procedural measures are used to strengthen daily management

the barrier in this project mainly refers to the setting of safety protection shed under the bridge. Procedure measures refer to daily management measures, such as safety education and training, hidden danger investigation and treatment, etc

2 construction scheme

2.1 main quantities

⑴ safety materials shall be prepared according to the length of the intersection between the bridge and the existing road below, and protection shall be carried out according to the site. The main contents are as follows:

① the 6th span on the right side of pengwu viaduct is 24m long, the column is 6m high, and the circumferential spacing is 1.5m

② the fifth span at the left side of pengwu viaduct is 18 meters long, 6 meters high, and 1.5 meters circumferential spacing

③ at the No. 7 pier on the left and right sides of Longqiao viaduct, it is 30 meters long, 6 meters high, and 1.5 meters circumferential spacing

④ at the 5th span (relocated Road) on the right side of pengwu viaduct, it is 18m long, 6m high, and 1.5m circumferential spacing

90 meters in total

⑵ protection realized a main business income of 1.46 billion yuan form

① two sides, three horizontal railings on each side, a column height of 6 meters, and a circumferential spacing of 1.5 meters

② ceiling: fully paved with bamboo plywood

③ connection: a diagonal rod is set on the left and right of each pipe support to play a stabilizing role

See attached figure for details:

2.2 see attached table for details of bill of quantities

2.3 construction method

⑴ the steel pipe guardrail of the safety protection shed shall be lengthened with pipe buckles, and the guardrail and the column shall be connected with cross fasteners

⑵ bamboo plywood is laid on the top of the safety protection shed

⑶ safety fall protection shall be set at the top and both sides of the safety protection shed

3 special safety measures

3.1 the construction must be carried out according to the construction scheme and construction specifications

3.2 all operation processes shall strictly follow the operating procedures

3.3 construction preparation

3.3.1 inspection before commencement: whether various mechanical equipment are in good condition

3.3.2 safety protection inspection: check whether warning signs, signboards, speed limit boards, etc. are complete

4 preparation measures for emergency handling of safety accidents

4.1 common safety accidents

falling from height (operators do not use safety belts or the scaffold is unstable), vehicle injury (transportation vehicles are overloaded, overspeed, poor visibility, and do not whistle), object strike (objects falling above the bridge), etc

4.2 preparation measures for emergency handling of safety accidents

for common safety accidents of the project, the management department has formulated various special emergency plans. Once a safety accident occurs, it shall be immediately reported to the emergency leading group of the management department, and the emergency group must immediately start the corresponding plans

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