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Guodu chemical polyether polyol phase II project completed successfully recently, Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the polyether polyol phase II project. So far, Guodu chemical has not only realized the growth in the production capacity of 73000 tons/year of polyether, 15000 tons/year of pop and 12000 tons/year of system materials, but also improved the production units, improved the quality, reduced the amount of waste and reduced the consumption of consumables according to the branch lines in the product groups. It can produce multiple products at the same time, strengthening the ability to quickly support sales activities

Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of striving for the prosperity of our customers and providing customers with high-quality and advantageous products. In order to better serve customers, the new factory adopts more advanced production technology, which is at the international leading level. Therefore, the completion of the new factory is not only a doubling of the output, but also a qualitative leap

the internationally leading production technology level, the powerful development and research team, and the service concept of working hard for the prosperity of customers have made Guodu chemical achieve good results in 98.07 million in the domestic and foreign markets. Its products are exported to developed countries in Europe and the United States, and its sales in 2011 reached 230 million US dollars

About Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Korea Guodu Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1972. It has four factories in Korea and is one of the major manufacturers of epoxy resin and curing agent in the world. On january16,2002, Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established through joint investment in China in the form of 90% equity held by Korea Guodu Chemical Co., Ltd. and 10% equity held by Japan adeka. On november12,2003, we completed the projects of annual output of 12000 tons of polyether, 12000 tons of system materials and 20000 tons of solid and solvent epoxy resin, which began the origin of polyether business. In june2005, two reaction reactors were added to double the polyether production capacity and achieve a production capacity of 24000 tons. In 2007, through polyether engineering improvement, 33000 tons of production capacity was achieved

the polyether business of Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has established a superior production technology in the domestic industry and successfully completed its business in the past ten years through continuous production increase and hard work of the isolation building on the rubber isolation layer, which has consolidated the foundation of the polyether business of Guodu chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. With excellent quality and in place service, we have established a good reputation among the customers who are also large in terms of money. So far, it has developed nearly 100 kinds of polyether polyols for customers, and more than 30 kinds of Gy series polyether polyols for soft foam; More than 20 kinds of polyether polyols for DP and de series case; More than 30 kinds of polyether for SC, TD, St, ED, PN series hard foam; Kpop series polymer polyols and BP series aromatic special polyether polyols

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