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Guodian Tai'an thermoelectric Co., Ltd. raced against time to eliminate valve failure at 0:44 on July 19, the fault of 361 water level regulating valve of 1 boiler of Tai'an company seriously affected the smooth progress of field and test work. The test run headquarters held an emergency meeting, and niejinghua, the first person in charge of the equipment management department, based on years of equipment management experience, took the initiative to propose that under the existing conditions, 361 valve with pneumatic valve should be adjusted. At 0:44 on July 19, the 361 water level regulating valve of 1 boiler of Tai'an company failed, which seriously affected the smooth progress of field test work. It is better to use the oil transportation headquarters to hold an emergency meeting in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. Based on years of equipment management experience, niejinghua, the first person in charge of the equipment management department, took the initiative to propose that under the existing conditions, the pneumatic valve regulating valve of valve 361 should be changed into an electric regulating valve, and the electric actuator of the electric feed bypass valve of 2 boiler should be temporarily used to replace it, so as to realize the regulation function. The headquarters agreed to implement it after discussion

just do what you say, and the refitting work began. However, during the refitting process, a difficult problem was encountered: the valve bracket connection and removal interface of the electric valve was inappropriate. Niejinghua and Yan Lei took the initiative to ask for "public opinion and gold" to show the strength of public opinion, and completed the mapping and drawing work. At 11:15 on July 19, Yan Lei drove his private car to the local village and town machinery processing plant. In case of shortage of rough materials in the processing plant, they took the initiative to help contact the steel market. Within two hours, all the materials were ready. The time was 13:30 on July 19. Turning, polishing and reaming, the machinist began to get busy, and Yan Lei, who was supervising at the side, was not idle, helping with the marking and positioning before the opening of the flange plate...

22:20 on July 19, the rough parts were basically processed. When preparing to assemble the valve support, he found that the lathe in the processing plant could not meet the cutting and turning of the "crosshead" positioning block. Yan Lei actively contacted manzhuang processing plant and replied that he would not work overtime on Sundays... He contacted the processing station of Great Wall Station. It was too late to reply. It was hard to find workers. Let's work tomorrow... Yan Lei was not discouraged. He contacted the third processing plant, Pingyin hole village, and the other party finally agreed to accept the processing. However, there were conditions that the "crosshead" positioning block factory of the valve was responsible for cutting, and the support drilling, setting out and welding should be completed by himself. "Well, we have welders and fitters. We will go to your place now and wait for us," Yan Lei said. 3. at the same time, niejinghua asked, "it's easy to find welders on the construction site at night. Where can I find fitters?" Yan Lei replied, "it doesn't matter. I'll do it. I won the first place in the fitter competition of Shandong company. Please rest assured that I can complete the task.". With the approval of the test run headquarters, niejinghua and Yan Lei, together with a welder, set out immediately at 23:00 on July 19

in the pingyinkong Village processing plant, the plant leader, niejinghua, Yan Lei and the welder master, according to the previous agreement, some were responsible for cutting, some for welding, some for scribing and drilling, and some for lighting and water injection cooling. They took their respective responsibilities and cooperated effectively. At 4:30 on July 20, all the processing procedures were successfully completed

on the return trip, we found that we had forgotten to eat the instant noodles we brought with us, but everyone was smiling

at 6:00 on July 20, all finished products and screws processed for nearly 30 hours were delivered to the test run site. After intensive installation, the fault was solved and all tests returned to normal


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