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Changsha Evening News (reporter chenhuanming) at the end of last month, Changsha issued the "notice on further promoting the full decoration construction of new commercial residential buildings", which triggered a heated discussion about the full decoration of houses. The reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development yesterday that the detailed rules for full decoration are currently being formulated and are expected to be issued in the near future. Changsha will establish market rules, subject responsibilities, administrative supervision and legal weapons “ Four lines of defense ”, Measures such as classified guidance and whole process supervision will be implemented to ensure that citizens can buy fully decorated houses at ease

detailed rules: classified guidance and whole process supervision will be implemented

“ Full decoration is an inevitable trend in the development of the real estate market& rdquo; According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, the full decoration is conducive to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, “ Through the implementation of fully decorated housing, each household can reduce 2 tons of decoration waste, and the city can reduce about 300000 tons of decoration waste every year& rdquo; On the other hand, in recent years, Changsha real estate has developed rapidly, and the demand of home buyers has changed greatly, and the market is in the “ Product upgrading ” It is bound to require real estate enterprises to adjust the housing structure and improve the housing quality

in response to the price issues that citizens are generally concerned about, the reporter learned that Changsha will implement the price supervision of fully decorated houses and establish “ Four lines of defense ”. First of all, by standardizing the sales behavior, publicizing the text of the model contract and the delivery list, building a variety of model houses for owners' reference and choice, clarifying that the delivery standard should not be lower than the requirements of the model house and the contract, and ensuring the basic conditions for the purchase owner to rationally judge the price and value equivalence. The buyer and the seller determine whether to trade through market principles, and then clarify the rights and obligations of both parties through the spirit of the contract. Secondly, in the group of high-quality cost consulting institutions with good credit and strong strength, the decoration price accounting unit is randomly selected to prevent “ Cheating ” Also prevent “ Collusion ”, And require the third-party cost consulting agency to independently and impartially verify the price of the decoration part, bear the corresponding legal responsibility, and give full play to the main responsibility of the cost consulting agency. Thirdly, all departments will strengthen the supervision of the responsible parties of the project construction, strengthen the supervision of the third-party cost consulting institutions, punish the violations according to law and record them in the enterprise credit file, and include them in the “ Blacklist ”, Maintain the high-pressure supervision situation of the responsible subjects of all parties of the fully decorated housing, and urge them to perform their duties seriously. Finally, when a dispute occurs, the buyer and the seller can negotiate and deal with it according to the contract. If the negotiation fails, they can apply for arbitration or court judgment according to law, and pass “ Legal weapon ” Protect the legitimate rights and interests of property buyers

the reporter learned that for the decoration price of fully decorated houses, classified guidance is implemented on the basis of accounting by a third-party cost agency, that is, government affordable housing projects, “ Limited house price and competitive land price ” Commodity housing projects, etc. “ Just need housing ” Strengthen the guidance of decoration price; The decoration price of improved high-end residential buildings is determined by the market. In addition, property buyers can also negotiate with developers about personalized decoration plans

in view of the quality problems of fully decorated houses, the implementation rules will require fully decorated houses to be included in the basic construction procedures of construction projects, handle construction licenses, carry out quality safety supervision, carry out completion acceptance, confirm with the owner when delivering, implement the quality warranty system according to national regulations after delivery, and form a closed link of quality and safety control

site: centralized processing in the basement, quality and environmental protection

what is the site of a fully decorated house? The reporter recently visited a number of fully decorated residential projects in Changsha. The fine decoration construction of Jinmao Mansion Project located on the Bank of Meixi lake is in progress. Zhang Xiaoqian, general manager of Jinmao Changsha company brand marketing center, said that the fine decoration part of Jinmao includes central air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating and the whole house water purification system, which belongs to high-end decoration; BIM Technology is adopted in the decoration process. Through three-dimensional modeling, it is ensured that each room is constructed in strict accordance with the standard, and divisional acceptance is implemented. The next construction can be carried out only after one link is accepted

when individuals decorate the house, the new house is both a material stacking area and a processing area, and the site is messy. The reporter noted that Jinmao Mansion has opened up a special construction area in the basement, which is divided into plate processing area, iron processing area, ceramic tile processing area, etc., and dust collectors are equipped in each processing area& ldquo; All materials are processed in the basement and then transported to each room for assembly& rdquo; Jiang Jian, general manager of the preliminary development department of Jinmao Changsha company, said that this not only ensures the processing accuracy and controllable quality, but also saves energy, reduces emissions, protects the environment, and avoids decoration disturbing residents

some owners of Vanke Jinyu international project, phase I, located in Binjiang New City, have moved in. The reporter visited the owner's new home, Mr. Wu& ldquo; After closing the house, we put up new wall coverings, added some furniture and appliances, and then moved in, which was very worry free& rdquo; Mr. Wu said

according to huangqiufeng, the relevant person in charge of Vanke Changsha company, Vanke's decoration standards in Changsha range from 1600 yuan to 3400 yuan per square meter for different house purchase needs& ldquo; Jinyu international is mainly for the rigid needs, and the decoration standard is 1998 yuan per square meter& rdquo; Huang Qiufeng said that the delivery standards of all houses will be strictly implemented according to the model room, and the model room must be kept until the delivery, and the owner can check the house against the model room, “ We also stipulate that the warranty period of the hardbound part of all houses is two years, free maintenance and replacement within two years, and the waterproof part is guaranteed for five years& rdquo;





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