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Wood flooring is a popular decoration material in recent years. With the wide use of wood flooring, various kinds of wood flooring continue to appear, and the decorative effect is also continuously enhanced. If the wood flooring is compared with wallpaper when decorating the wall, it is more natural and beautiful, and the wood flooring is more wear-resistant, and it is easier to clean

wood flooring has natural texture and comfortable foot feel, so many people choose wood flooring as ground decoration material. Moreover, the comfort level of wooden floor is far beyond that of ceramic tiles, and it is also better in health index, decoration effect and taste; On the other hand, ceramic tiles are in line with the tense pace of modern life, easy to take care of, good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance, and simple maintenance. The following editor will introduce the purchasing methods of wood flooring

how to choose wood flooring

1. Look at the packaging

look at the packaging, look at the certificate. Generally, regular manufacturers, whether pure imported or domestic, will use Chinese or both Chinese and English text marks in terms of packaging. Be careful about packaging in English. It is likely that small manufacturers deceive consumers “ Smoke bombs ”. In order to maintain their reputation, regular manufacturers generally use environmentally friendly raw materials that comply with national regulations, while the behavior of small factories is difficult to guarantee

2. Smell

soak the top of a small sample in boiling water for one to three minutes to see if it has an exciting taste. Due to the low formaldehyde emission, green and environment-friendly floors generally do not smell pungent odor. If you smell a strong pungent smell, it even makes your eyes feel uncomfortable, which proves that the substrate of the floor contains a lot of free formaldehyde, which will pollute the air

3. Ask experts

ask insiders or consult knowledgeable relatives and friends before buying, and ask them to recommend it, focusing on the technical instructions and use feelings. Or go to the building materials market and shop around. Don't buy inferior products for cheap. It's too late to regret it

4. Personal experience

see more and know more. If you want to buy a satisfactory floor, you must understand your common sense of the floor. In addition to the well-known indicators such as formaldehyde emission and wear resistance, there are also many key indicators such as water absorption expansion rate, static bending strength and dimensional stability, which also affect the performance of the floor

characteristics of wood flooring

1. Environmentally friendly flooring will not produce air pollution, that is, free formaldehyde does not exceed the standard. Many consumers buy some wood products, including wooden floors, furniture, wooden doors and windows, etc. You will smell a strong irritant gas, and always feel hot eyes, tears, chest tightness, headache, nausea and weakness. The main reason is free formaldehyde

2. Environmentally friendly UV curing paint (UV paint) should be used for environmentally friendly floors. The UV cured paint film completely solidifies the paint, so that all kinds of harmful gases are emitted during the production process of the paint, and people will not be harmful when using it

3. The real environment-friendly floor should avoid light pollution. Therefore, when we choose environmentally friendly wood flooring, we'd better choose matte lacquered wood flooring. Matte light is not dazzling, avoiding light pollution, and without strong reflected light, people will not feel tired in the room, which is also a condition of environmentally friendly wood flooring

wood floor maintenance methods

1. After the wood floor is purchased and installed in place, daily maintenance is the most important in the process of long-term use, which directly affects the service life of the floor. Although laminate flooring has many advantages, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, nursing, good dimensional stability, etc., scientific maintenance cannot be ignored in use. Because a lot of problems are caused by improper use and maintenance of the floor

2. Always keep the floor dry and clean, don't wash it with a lot of water, and pay attention to avoid local long-term immersion of the floor. If there are oil stains and stains on the floor, it is necessary to remove them in time. You can use household soft neutral detergent and warm water for treatment. It is best to use the special floor cleaning and protection solution matched with the floor for cleaning. Do not use caustic water, oxalic acid, soapy water and other corrosive liquids to contact the surface of the floor, and do not use inflammables such as gasoline and other high-temperature liquids to wipe the floor. Solid wood floors, multi-layer solid wood floors often waxed can maintain luster and reduce paint aging and wear

3. It is recommended to place a pedal pad at the door to prevent dust particles from entering and damaging the floor; Overweight items should be placed stably; Please do not drag when carrying furniture, and it is better to lift it

4. When there is no one living at home, pay attention to opening windows for ventilation

5. If the floor is soaked in water under special circumstances, the water should be cleaned in time, and the floor dealer should be informed in time. The floor should be removed by a specially assigned person. The floor installation should be carried out after the floor and wall are completely dry

6. If the customer uses floor heating at home, please heat the ground in strict accordance with the geothermal heating requirements to avoid improper temperature adjustment and impact on the floor

editor's summary: that's all for the selection of wood flooring. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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