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In depth analysis of how the manufacturing industry moves towards "high quality"

deepening the supply side structural reform, and how Hebei manufacturing industry will further develop towards high quality in the new year? From the deployment of the central economic work conference at the end of last year to the two sessions of the provincial people's Congress this year, relevant people in the manufacturing industry have been paying attention to it

"we will vigorously implement a series of three-year action plans for industrial transformation and upgrading, development of strategic emerging industries, and scientific and technological innovation. Relying on the huge manufacturing foundation, we will focus on strengthening, supplementing, and extending the chain. We will optimize a number of industrial designs, upgrade technology, transform scientific and technological innovation, and expand and cluster industries, so as to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system." The series of measures proposed in the government work report enabled the representatives and members to see the pragmatic measures to promote the high-quality development of Hebei's manufacturing industry

traditional industries need a new round of technological transformation

"I have to report to you that in 2018, we completed a complete transformation from the production of transformers to the production of sensors." Representative chenyongshan, chairman of Langfang Power Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., said that he did not expect that after the transformation, the development space would be broader

before the enterprise change was realized in June 2018, chenyongshan's enterprise was called Langfang Gaoshan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. during the change, he stressed that the four words "sensing technology" must be highlighted, because it is precisely relying on this technology that the enterprise has built the only resistance voltage divider sensor production line and production base in China

before that, the enterprise was only a traditional manufacturer of transformers. As the pace of full capacity withdrawal of Langfang iron and steel continues to accelerate, the smelting link of producing transformer shell is also included in the scope of capacity removal

when attending the two sessions of the provincial people's Congress and the people's Congress last year, representative chenyongshan told: "when I was here for the meeting, our production equipment with rigid materials comparable to metal was being dismantled." This year, he said that the company has completely cleared the capacity of middle and low-end power complete sets of equipment and power transformers

it is understood that the only intelligent power sensor of the enterprise has passed the live operation test of State Grid in Tibet high altitude experimental field, Mohe extreme cold experimental field and Turpan high temperature experimental field. He introduced that the product adopts a new nano ceramic element, which not only saves a lot of copper, iron and other resources, but also has the function of transmitting stable data for trade settlement

the transformation direction of the enterprise is in line with the direction of "comprehensively promoting industrial enterprises to turn to innovation driven, green development and modern management" proposed in the report. Gongxiaofeng, director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, who also participated in the discussion with the Langfang delegation, said on the spot that he was willing to support him in building the sensor Industrial Park

2018, Sichuan will spare no effort to promote industrial enterprises above Designated Size to carry out the "transformation of 10000 enterprises". It is with the support of this policy that chenyongshan's enterprise has been reborn

this year, our province will continue to carry out the "ten thousand enterprise transformation" action, and comprehensively promote industrial enterprises to turn to innovation driven, green development and modern management. The report proposes to roll forward 1000 technological transformation projects and strive to complete a new round of technological transformation for all industrial enterprises above Designated Size by 2020

the representative committee members believed that for the traditional industries of our province, a new round of technological transformation is at the right time, which will benefit more traditional enterprises

a representative from Tangshan City introduced that in his impression, Kailuan is a coal enterprise, but with the help of transformation and development, the enterprise has developed a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise specializing in the development and production of mine IOT products and providing customers with overall solutions for automation construction

during the discussion of the Xingtai delegation, the "high-quality development of Xinji leather, Dingzhou sports equipment, Baigou luggage, Xingtai cast iron cooking utensils, Qinghe cashmere and other characteristic industrial clusters" mentioned in the report triggered a heated discussion, because the report mentioned that the development direction is to cultivate more "specialized, special and new" invisible champions

the representative members believed that strengthening the traditional advantageous industrial chain could vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing and accelerate the construction of industrial interconnection platforms and mode applications

after transformation, Langfang Power Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is catching up with the upgrading of national power - China is promoting the intelligent transformation of distribution and is committed to achieving full coverage of cost control and distribution automation. As the core component to obtain power data, the domestic market volume of power sensors is 100 billion

aware of the importance of technology, chenyongshan drafted a number of national and local standards in the field of power sensors, which have been implemented nationwide. He said that the industry standard threshold we have set is very high, which can not only enable the enterprise products to maintain a high market share for about five years, but also prevent some products with poor technology from confusing the market

from innovative products to leading industry standards, focusing on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the report proposes that this year our province will lead or participate in the revision of more than 100 international and national standards, and strive to build an advanced standard system covering all fields of economy and society

strategic emerging industries should focus on "increasing speed and efficiency"

"focusing on strengthening, supplementing and extending the chain" and "building an emerging industry chain"... Xujun, deputy general manager of Hebei Walkman CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., had a personal experience of the above formulation when reviewing the report

"in 2018, although our sales revenue increased by 40% year-on-year, we failed to achieve the goal set at the beginning of the year." Representative Xu Jun analyzed that one of the reasons behind this is that the supply chain is not perfect and the upstream supporting processing capacity is insufficient, which leads to the delay of the delivery time of the enterprise, thus affecting the order

"on the contrary, we started from zero. In more than two years, the annual output value has increased from several million yuan to 40million yuan, which is also the light of Cangzhou's construction of the park according to the industrial chain." Representative Xujun introduced that Cangzhou laser industrial park where their enterprise is located already has supporting enterprises such as control system, power components, key monitoring components, etc

"but the precision machining components on the punch cannot be bought in Cangzhou. They need to be purchased in Shijiazhuang, and even in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta." Representative Xujun said that he had been engaged in the NC mechanical equipment manufacturing industry in Dongguan for many years. In 2015, he settled in Cangzhou with his team to start a business. In the process of enterprise development, they found that the supporting capacity of Hebei needs to be stronger. "To speed up and increase the efficiency of strategic emerging industries, we first need to strengthen the industrial development environment and supporting capabilities."

"the new kinetic energy has not yet formed a strong support". The current risks and difficulties pointed out in the government work report have aroused the resonance of the representative members. They noted that in the face of the complex economic situation, Hebei, on the one hand, is trying to reduce production capacity. On the other hand, if strategic emerging industries cannot be supported as soon as possible, it will affect the promotion of high-quality development

in this regard, it is proposed in the report that our province will vigorously implement a series of three-year action plans such as industrial transformation and upgrading, development of strategic emerging industries and scientific and technological innovation, focus on strengthening, supplementing and extending the chain, and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system

"we have cooperated with sixorseven enterprises in the park to establish a 'sharing' new enterprise, which is specially responsible for solving the upstream problems of the supply chain." Representative Xujun introduced that the company has also registered another new enterprise. Relying on its own high-tech automation products, it is also extending the industrial chain while building a downstream oriented product exhibition center

"this year is not bad. It has made a good start. In January, it has received orders of more than 10million yuan." Deputy Xujun said

the pace of Walkman is in line with the development direction of our province. The report proposes that this year, the province will implement six major projects, such as high-tech industrialization demonstration and cultivation of top 100 innovation, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries such as information technology, artificial intelligence and intelligent equipment, and create an emerging industry chain

"the report proposes to promote strategic emerging industries to speed up and increase efficiency, and has made targeted deployment." Tanliang, general manager of Goldwind technology Hebei Co., Ltd., believes that the characteristics of the development of high-tech industries determine that enterprises must accelerate their development in order to seize market opportunities

he introduced that after Goldwind technology settled in a certain place in Jiangsu, the enterprise could contribute 2billion yuan of output value every year, while the rapidly developing supporting industries contributed 8billion yuan of output value at the same time. A new energy industrial park would add 10 billion yuan to the local value

the report has set the goal of "main business income exceeding 1.5 trillion" for strategic emerging industries in our province. "Making the leading high-tech enterprises develop better and faster will help to achieve this goal." Tanliang said. It is reported that Goldwind technology has been successively deployed in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Xingtai and other places. At present, it is transforming to digital. While engaging in the manufacturing of new energy equipment, it has also opened up fields such as "smart water" and "smart micro". He said that with the completion of the intelligent transformation of enterprises, the benefits will be further improved

deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry

"our industrialized platform motor car 9. speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; group, won the 2018 China excellent industrial design gold award." Houzhigang, chairman of CRRC tangche, introduced in his speech that this product, which has not yet been listed, has caused a sensation once it is displayed

what attracts attention is that the design of this product breaks through the technical problems such as traction power integration unit, adaptive modular network system and braking system, single vehicle intelligence, and can realize the design and production of multiple units of different vehicle types, models, marshalling numbers and speed levels on the same platform

representative houzhigang introduced that this product can not only achieve a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, but also has a double-layer design. Therefore, it can achieve a variety of functions, such as being used as a flight head cabin, team travel, family travel, or running Oriental trains. The unit energy consumption is reduced and the number of passengers is significantly increased

scientific and technological innovation and industrial design double wheel drive have enabled CRRC Tangshan Automobile Co., Ltd. not to increase its staff since 2005, but its sales revenue has increased from 700million yuan to about 18billion yuan

in November 2018, the second China Industrial Design Exhibition 2018, known as "the largest industrial design industry in China, the largest number of exhibitors and the widest range of participation in China", was held in Wuhan International Expo Center. 35 Hebei enterprises with more than 50 exhibits appeared at the exhibition, which is the second consecutive year that Hebei Province has participated in the exhibition

at this exhibition, CRRC Tangshan Locomotive Co., Ltd.'s "industrialized platform EMU" ranked first in the final evaluation; Great Wall Motors "wey P8 plug-in hybrid SUV" ranked second in the final evaluation. This is the first national government award in the field of industrial design in China, and also the highest award in the field of industrial design in China

"boosting Hebei manufacturing to Hebei creation by industrial design" is a path proposed by our province to promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. To this end, the report proposes that our province will speed up the construction of industrial design industry cluster and run the 2nd Hebei International Industrial Design Week well

2018, the first Hebei International Industrial Design Week not only attracted more than 30 countries and regions to participate, but also made the concept of industrial design more and more valued by more and more Hebei enterprises

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