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In 2011, Xingma group accelerated its run. Introduction: the growth rate was leading in the industry, and the overseas market was deeply cultivated. The growth rate was leading in the industry. In 2010, the sales revenue of Xingma group exceeded 10 billion yuan, the growth rate was leading in the industry, the heavy truck ranked eighth, the mixer ranked first in the industry, and achieved leapfrog development in products, technology and marketing

industry leading growth rate

in 2010, the sales revenue of Xingma group exceeded 10 billion yuan, the growth rate was leading in the industry, the heavy truck ranked eighth, the mixer ranked first in the industry, and achieved leapfrog development in terms of products, technology and marketing. Behind countless industrial miracles, the low-key Xingma group has been laying out, planning and preparing for development

it is understood that through a forward-looking technical vision, Xingma group cooperates with Italy Broadcom, an international famous automobile design institution, and is in the forefront of the industry in terms of 3D design, assembly, CAE strength and stiffness of complete vehicles and parts, and the need to immediately supplement the pressure analysis ability, Body CAD, etc. It has developed many series of products, including xingkaima, a representative of China's high-end heavy trucks, which has improved the international status of China's heavy trucks

for overseas markets, Xingma has also been working hard in depth. In product development, Xingma has put its strategic vision on the future and has a foothold overseas. Fang Rui, head of overseas business department of Valin, said: "overseas is a big cake that is not easy to eat, but Valin has made steady progress step by step. In addition to the traditional African market, in 2010, we also successfully passed the EU ECE certification, the world's highest certification, which has laid a solid foundation for us to expand overseas markets."

irresistible 2011

according to the analysis of insiders, in the future, China's heavy building ground engineering construction quality acceptance code GB 50209 (2) 002 card market will transform the demand from low-end products to high-end products at the fastest speed in the world. At the same time, in some Chinese markets, there has been a strong demand for high-end products, which is no different from the European market. In addition, when the market develops to a certain stage, heavy trucks will form a relatively constant proportion, while the sales of lightweight heavy trucks that drive the inter city short-distance logistics transportation will develop easily and quickly, and high-quality lightweight heavy trucks will become the mainstream of future development

previously, Valin heavy truck timely launched star Kema heavy truck and comfortable lightweight heavy truck Valin star, which are comparable to European high-end products, and walked in the front of the industry as a pioneer. "We have launched a number of high-end products that are in line with market trends and forward-looking in the industry through investigation and Research on industry trends, in-depth analysis of customer needs, and focusing on the core points of customer interests." Xueyongchang, general manager of Valin marketing company, said

with the expansion of scale, Xingma group has been equipped with the conditions to change from "guerrilla warfare" to "positional warfare". Liuhanru, chairman of Valin, believes that Valin has developed rapidly in the past seven years, and has the ability to fight in the market competition. The large corps' war is to take "rapid response, low cost and high quality, adapt to the jaw chuck market, and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise" as the brand strategy, Enter a comprehensive competitive environment for automobile brand building, and finally achieve the goal of becoming a mainstream automobile manufacturer

at present, Valin is adjusting its strategy of market entry, shifting from avoiding the real and focusing on the false to comprehensive and direct market competition - seeking sales from the mainstream market, so as to start a "positional battle" to improve the enterprise brand and product competitiveness. Now and in the future, there are two key points for the development of commercial vehicles: first, speed up the independent research and development of commercial vehicles, comprehensively promote and launch the brand, and shift from avoiding the truth to the emptiness to comprehensive and direct market competition. Second, commercial vehicles should take improving quality and reducing cost as a breakthrough to enhance market competitiveness, seize the commanding heights of the market and win the first opportunity

from once unknown to today's industry miracle, Xingma group has great stamina after starting, and the trend of catching up and surpassing is obvious. Valin has never been an enterprise eager for success. Valin, which has joined the new round of truck competition, is ready to run fast

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