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In depth analysis: what subversion will artificial intelligence bring about in the industrial 4.0 era

about 200 years ago, the industrial revolution made machinery ubiquitous in human society. Today's industrial 4.0 revolution is being adjusted through belt pulley; Its development has brought us artificial intelligence. Today, let's learn about the origin of this new species and its future

for non professionals, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been developing for decades, and almost no significant changes have been seen. Although there are occasional reports, such as IBM dark blue computer defeating human chess players and talking robots, AI can only solve some "toy problems" or survive in laboratory conditions, which has been very far from our daily life

however, in 2016, when Google's alphago let the world go champion lishishizi throw in the towel, AI became a hot topic in the scientific and technological circles, industry, investment circles and even the public. It was even written into the outline of China's 13th five year plan. It seems that all technology companies have turned their attention to artificial intelligence overnight

why is artificial intelligence so important now

in fact, artificial intelligence was proposed as early as 1956, but at that time it mainly referred to hardware or software that can reflect intelligent behavior. It sounds more like a computer system that can perform tasks that previously required human intelligence

subsequently, the research on artificial intelligence has been ups and downs for decades, but it has been calmed down because of the continuous cultivation of new kinetic energy of raw materials and the discovery of functions that are really beneficial to human society. However, the development of Internet technology and the emergence of "deep learning" algorithm have changed this situation, making it truly applied in many vertical fields and surpassing human performance. Achalesh Pandey, a Ge scientist, said: "an important reason is the emergence of a large amount of available data and huge computing power, and the breakthrough of deep learning (a machine learning algorithm) has brought about a completely new innovation in the field of artificial intelligence."

recent AI event

event 1: Alpha dog defeated world champion lishishi

the battle in March 2016 was regarded as a man-machine "century war", which attracted the attention of the world. Finally, alpha dog defeated lishishi 4:1, which made people lose their eyes

event 2: Uber driverless taxi

in September 2016, Uber announced that it would launch a large range of driverless taxis in Pittsburgh City, the United States, and would really open them to taxi users. These vehicles are equipped with front cameras and 360 degree radar sensors, which can drive on fixed routes

event 3: Ge acquires two artificial intelligence enterprises

in November 2016, GE announced the acquisition of two artificial intelligence high-tech companies, bitstewsystems and, to strengthen and expand the predix cloud platform and bring relevant big data sets to GE's industrial manufacturing, which helps to promote the application of artificial intelligence in industrial fields and provide intelligent solutions for power plants, aero engines, medical and other fields

event 4: the automatic lip reading system is far superior to human experts. Google deepmind and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom have developed an automatic lip reading system lipnet based on artificial intelligence, and the accuracy of lip recognition in gird corpus has reached an amazing 95.2%

event 5: artificial intelligence won the championship of Texas poker

in January 2017, at the rivers casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the artificial intelligence system libratus developed by Carnegie Mellon University defeated four top Texas poker players and won a bonus of $200000

the current situation of artificial intelligence in China

in the field of artificial intelligence technology, China can generally keep pace with the development of advanced countries in the world, and the Internet giant companies led by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have also made layout in the field of artificial intelligence. Baidu, in particular, has taken artificial intelligence as the core of its future businesses. Baidu established the deep learning institute in 2013, and the driverless project was launched at the same time. In the past two and a half years, most of the 20billion R & D expenses have been invested in artificial intelligence. On january6,2017, baidu artificial intelligence robot "Xiaodu" used its strong face recognition ability to beat Wang Feng, the strongest representative of human brain, with a score of 3:2. On May 4, baidu directly changed its mission to "make the complex world simpler with technology", once again emphasizing the importance of artificial intelligence to Baidu

Alibaba, Tencent and other Chinese enterprises also attach great importance to AI, but mainly focus on the supplement of AI to major businesses. Alibaba has developed and opened China's first artificial intelligence computing platform "dtpai". Developers can analyze and mine massive data by simply dragging and dropping. Tencent has developed and opened the visual recognition platform "Tencent Youtu" to the outside world. It has achieved an accuracy rate of more than 99.5% in the world in face recognition, and is about to be applied on a large scale in Weibo, TenPay and other related products

in addition, there are nearly 100 start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence in China, whose businesses cover the technical fields of industrial robots, service robots, business intelligence and visual recognition. IFLYTEK's "iFLYTEK Super Brain" plan and JD's intelligent chat robot have reached the international advanced level. At present, China is second only to the United States in the total number of artificial intelligence patents, but the growth rate of applications has exceeded that of the United States in recent years. According to statistics, in 2014, the scale of China's artificial intelligence industry market was 4.86 billion yuan. By the end of 2016, the scale of the artificial intelligence industry market had increased to 9.56 billion yuan

the field of industrial artificial intelligence that cannot be ignored

to sum up, you can find that most domestic and foreign technology giants are concentrated in consumer artificial intelligence, but in fact, artificial intelligence is also widely used in industry and manufacturing, and faces unique challenges. The industrial giant Ge is trying to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to many well-known products, covering aviation, transportation, medical treatment, power generation and other fields

since 2015, GE has announced the launch of predix cloud platform. Predix is the world's first and only cloud platform dedicated to industrial development. Predix provides enterprises with effective data analysis through the interconnection of machines, so as to operate quickly, intelligently and efficiently and accelerate the innovation process of customers and partners. At that time, GE said that using machine learning to pattern recognize the collected sensor data could bring energy saving or preventive maintenance. Even after the predix cloud platform was opened to ge customers in february2016, Ge is still building artificial intelligence capabilities to fulfill its commitments

Luwilliam, CEO of Ge digital group, said: "machine learning was used before, but I prefer to call it a traditional method. If you want to build an industrial artificial intelligence system, you must first ensure that your system has a deep enough understanding of the industry it serves."

to some extent, the definition of this depth refers to the big data that can be deeply learned by the artificial intelligence system. Although GE has accumulated a lot of data on gas turbines, aeroengines and medical equipment, it still spends a lot of money to acquire bit step systems, servicemax and other companies to further strengthen it. "We have professional algorithms in the field of machine learning industry. It will know what a power plant is and cover all the depths, which the general artificial intelligence system will never really understand," luwilliam said

ge medical is working with partners to jointly study the artificial intelligence assisted detection and diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, and has achieved phased results. The artificial intelligence pulmonary nodule assistant diagnosis technology displayed at the just concluded 77th China International Medical Devices (spring) Expo (CMEF) is a diagnostic image processing software of GE Medical, which integrates artificial intelligence technology and deep learning concepts and tools. It simulates the human brain through multiple layers of neural channels and neurons to realize image recognition, and improves the diagnostic efficiency and accuracy The sensitivity and detection rate of automatic identification of pulmonary nodules have been greatly improved

and the construction of several port oriented polyurethane industrial bases

the results of phased clinical tests show that artificial intelligence tools have great advantages in the detection and diagnosis of 3mm lesions, and the detection speed and accuracy have been greatly improved, which is of great value to the early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer

what happens next

common sense of economics tells us that the inefficient production mode will inevitably be eliminated by high efficiency, just as the manual workshop was replaced by the machine factory and the carriage was replaced by the automobile after industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence is also the product of the development of modern technology to a certain stage. Behind the core is the prosperity of machine learning, cloud computing and big data. In this way, the large-scale application of artificial intelligence may just be a technological change taking advantage of the trend

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